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4 Things You Should Definitely Experience On The Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian Peninsula is the largest peninsula in the world and is home to Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Yemen. Moreover, the southern areas of Iraq and Jordan lie on the northern end of the peninsula. This is a culturally rich and geographically stunning part of the world. If you are visiting the Arabian Peninsula, there are a few experiences you must have. For one, the Emirati Cultural Iftar Program in Dubai is an invaluable experience. Moreover, rooftop dining in Dubai is a must. Then, you can head to Oman for some dolphin and whale watching. Finally, visit Bahrain’s most popular attraction, the Bahrain National Museum.

Arabian Peninsula

Emirati Cultural Iftar Program

Let’s begin with one of the most unique and cultural experiences on this quick list. The Emirati Cultural Iftar Program takes you on a tour of the hot spots of Dubai before allowing you to visit a traditional Emirati house to enjoy the most authentic Ramadan experience in the city of Dubai. 

You can enjoy all-you-can-eat iftar (the fast-breaking evening meal) and a buffet of Arabic sweets. While you feast, you will get to experience first-hand the wonders of Emirati hospitality and learn about the customs and significance of Ramadan. This is a great experience for the whole family. 

Rooftop Dining in Dubai

While you are in Dubai, the most popular tourist destination on the Arabian Peninsula, you can live a life of luxury, dining in the clouds and marvelling at the views. This city is built tall and impressive, and sky-high dining and drinks are part of Dubai’s charm. 

Such is the luxury of the experience that you will not want to leave. In fact, many people are relocating to Dubai for the amazing business opportunities, luxurious lifestyle, and climate. 

Dolphin and Whale Watching in Oman

Oman is a country rich in marine and land life. Its non-migratory humpback whales are a stunning sight to behold. There are also Bryde’s whales, false killer whales, killer whales, sperm whales, and blue whales off the coast of this gorgeous country. 

Moreover, there is a gorgeous local population of dolphins. In Oman, you can spot common dolphins, spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and Risso’s dolphins. Dolphin-watching tours from Muscat usually last around 2 hours. Tours will be longer if you book a snorkeling experience as well. 

The Bahrain National Museum

Finally, we have a very popular attraction on the island state of Bahrain. The Bahrain National Museum is the largest and oldest public museum in Bahrain. Here, you can discover some of the country’s historic archaeological artifacts. The collections span a rich 5000-year history and are well worth seeing if you are in the area!

Arabian Peninsula

This has been a very quick look at four things you should definitely experience on the Arabian Peninsula. From a cultural iftar program and rooftop dining in Dubai to dolphin and whale watching in Oman and a hugely important museum in Bahrain, the Arabian Peninsula is home to a number of gems. Explore diverse cultures, customs, histories, and animals in this sunny, fascinating part of the world. Remember to book tickets to anything you do not want to miss out on.