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Why Exercise Alone Is Not Enough For The Look You Want

For men, there’s a lot of pressure to be able to appear and act to a certain degree of masculinity. Different elements of this masculine presentation can come more easily to some men, but while some aspects might be natural, there might be some that come with more difficulty. This is especially true when it comes to aspects of one’s appearance. Exercise can help you emphasize and build on those parts of the body that help you project the image you want, but exercise alone can’t do it all. So, what other options should you consider?

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The hairy question

One of the markers that a lot of people take as a sign of male vitality and even virility is hair health. Hair loss is something that’s exceedingly common among men, at every age, but can still affect your self confidence. Looking at the reasons for hair loss, and the different ways to treat it, whether through protective measures or more cosmetic options (such as hair plugs) can help you better manifest the full head of hair you’re looking for.

Say it with your whole chest

One issue that’s exceeding common among men, especially as they age, is body image issues related to their chest. In particular, the growth of soft breast tissue has done a lot to make many men feel much more self-conscious about letting their chest show. While to some degree, accepting it and building chest muscle can diminish its impact on your self-image, gynecomastia treatments can also help you directly reduce it. This can allow you to be a lot more confident about letting your body show, knowing that your more masculine features aren’t going to be as heavily undermined.

It’s in your chemistry

Many of the issues above, as well as other health factors related to masculine presentation, such as muscle growth, are influenced heavily by your hormone profile. Testosterone deficiencies in men can have a wide reaching range of impacts on not just your physical health, but your mental health, as well. This can include making you more prone to depression and issues with self-esteem. Consider talking to your doctor about hormone therapy if you’re having self-esteem issues related to your appearance as a man

The cosmetic approach

Alongside surgical options to help diminish aspects of your body that you might consider a little more feminine, there are also treatments that men commonly undergo to help them look more masculine. Many of these are focused on facial changes, such as rhinoplasty or even jaw surgery to change the shape of your facial outline. However, certain implants, like ab implants, are starting to become more popular. However, it’s important to bear in mind that these implants are purely aesthetic, and their effectiveness varies from body to body.

You need to consider, for yourself, what you are comfortable with, what changes you can make, and what you’re happy to live with. There’s no right answer for every man, exercise and your look are a personal journey you have to enjoy.