School Bus Accident

The Steps You Should Take If Your Child Was Harmed in A School Bus Accident

Every day your children leave for school presents a different kind of fear as a parent. Your kid may be involved in an accident and other such fears. But it can take all the life out of you when it happens, and you need to know how to approach it. When the kid is involved in an accident and doesn’t get hurt, you can quickly move on. But when they are hurt significantly when they are injured in a school bus accident, you need to know what steps to follow. Below are some of the steps you need to follow when your kid is harmed in a school bus accident. 

Get in Touch with A Lawyer

The last step on this list that you need to take as soon as you get to your child is to contact a lawyer. And it would help if you had lawyers that specialize in cases like these. The personal injury lawyers from David Resnick & Associates, P.C are the ideal lawyers to get in touch with. Other than advising you on what steps you need to take, they also have teams that can prove your case if it ever gets to trial. And since they have been through this before, they know all the proper legal channels to follow here

Seek Medical Attention

When your child has been harmed in a car bus accident, the first thing you need to do is to ensure you seek medical attention. They don’t need to have visible injuries; you need to go to the hospital. Some injuries can take days to show up – you need the child to be checked. 

Some injuries like concussions won’t reveal themselves immediately; only a scan at the hospital can show them. And this can be fatal if not addressed early enough. The child can also suffer brain damage if you don’t treat this on the onset. 

When you go to the hospital, your child will also get the care they need for the visible injury. You may also get recommendations from a good kid’s therapist as the accident may traumatize the kid. It will also generate medical reports of all injuries from the accident. 

Document the Injuries

It would help if you now documented the injuries when you get hold of your child. Any injury that may have occurred due to the bus accident needs to be recorded. You can record the injuries using your phone. 

Photos and videos can be a great idea to prove your kid’s injuries due to the accident. It would help if you kept these pictures as they may be needed in the future in case the case goes to trial. You’ll need to provide proof at this point, and photographs will be great. 

Document any Info You Have About the Accident

If you can get to the accident scene early, you need to start keeping records from there. If any eyewitnesses were there, you need to take their numbers. You also need to take the phone numbers of the other victims of the accident. 

You can also take pictures and videos of the scene if you got there early enough. And all the info you collect from the scene should be kept carefully until the case is done and dusted. You may also need to have the phone number and address of the driver. 

Documenting everything and having witness contact details may be helpful in the future if a case is filled. You won’t have a hard time locating these people to testify as to what they saw. 

Record Your Child’s Progress

Now that your child is recuperating, you need to ensure that you record the progress being made. If there is none, you also need to register that too. Some of the things you need to record about your child’s progress are physical and emotional health. 

You need to watch out for your child’s pain and record that – this is regarding physical health. When it comes to emotional health, you need to look at nightmares, depression, and insomnia. It’s pretty crucial to have all these noted down somewhere. 

During the healing process, you also need to take pictures of the injuries and healing. If you can take videos when your child is going through anxiety caused by the accident, you should document it. 

When your child gets injured in a school bus accident, there are steps you need to take. These steps should ensure that your child is safe and that their rights are equally protected in the process. Above are some of the steps you need to take when there’s an accident.