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Who Said Hair Loss Was An Inevitable?

Hair loss is a crippling condition that hits as many as 80% of men. For many, this happens with the onward march of age, but for men particularly predisposed, baldness can set in as early as their teen years. For obvious reasons, such a visible bodily change can be incredibly difficult to deal with, and it’s not unusual for individuals to attempt methods to hide it, such as comb-overs, hair dye, and more.

Still, most men accept that hair loss is just an inevitable aspect of male aging. But, is that really true? After all, when you look into the research, it’s clear that, even if you can’t stop hair loss altogether, there are steps you can take to slow its onward march. Here, we’re going to look at a few of the best treatment solutions, and there won’t be so much as a mention of invasive procedures like hair transplants!

Consider the reasons for hair loss

Around four in ten men experience hair loss as a genetic condition, but for the rest of us, hair loss is often a result of wide-ranging factors. Stress is perhaps the most widely recognized of these, highlighting the need to kick back and always address rising stress levels in the moment. Equally, issues like hormonal imbalances are proven significant contributors to baldness, meaning that testosterone treatments as offered by Men’s Revival can also make a huge difference in this respect. Some people also find that hair loss can be a temporary side effect of certain treatments or stages of life, but seeking help or making changes should soon slow the issue, and perhaps even lead to regrowth.

Keep it clean

Did you know that dirty hair is more likely to fall out? This is because excess oil clogs the pores and prevents healthy growth. What’s more, unwashed hair is far more likely to experience issues like dandruff and infection which, again, can play their part. By comparison, taking care of your hair by washing it regularly with mild shampoos and perhaps even essential oils is far more likely to not only be more healthy, but to also look much richer and fuller. Note, however, that there is some evidence that brushing wet hair, or brushing too much in general, can actually contribute to hair loss, so it’s important to find a healthy balance here.

Enrich your diet

Our diets make a huge difference to our health, so, unsurprisingly, a poor diet can also play its part in hair loss. A lack of hydration or healthy vitamins and proteins can especially cause or hasten balding. To overcome this, it’s important to drink at least three to four cups of water a day, as well as taking time for famed hair-healthy foods, like fatty fish, eggs, leafy greens, and nuts and seeds.

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Hair loss can have a significant impact on wellbeing, but it’s certainly not an inevitable part of male aging. Even if baldness runs in the family, it’s time to step up and engage in these preventative measures if you aren’t happy with what’s happening.