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The top adventure games on Android in 2023

Alongside reading car blogs and chatting with friends on WhatsApp, the vast majority of us turn to mobile gaming in times of need. The sheer amount of games available to sample on our phones has never been so detailed either. One genre of mobile gaming that appeals to many mobile users are adventure titles, with an array of games standing out over the years after successfully intriguing audiences and providing a number of memorable thrills along the way.

Adventure products are extremely diverse overall, though. Some test your problem-solving skills, for example, while others offer more of a point-and-click experience. Ultimately, though, these types of products offer a strong narrative and provide a gamer with a plot to become attached to. While we’ve been exposed to some lazy releases in this particular category, we have also been treated to a number of masterpieces over the years. Now, in 2023, with adventure games being explored by millions of mobile gamers, let’s assess some of the top options for your android smartphone right now.

Sky: Children of the Light involves exploring a strange world

One of the many reasons why Sky: Children of the Light has been so successful is due to the continual updates that enable it to remain fresh and enticing in 2023. A free-to-play mobile product, players have to explore a weird planet and try to make sense of what’s unfolding the further they advance through the game. Also playable with friends, this unique but mightily fun product is all about uncovering what exactly is occurring around you. It can be a challenge at times, but overall, it’s a top title.

Layton: Curious Village in HD used to be on Nintendo DS

Originally a Nintendo DS product that is now shining on smartphone devices, Layton: Curious Village in HD is part of the Professor Layton series of games that tasks players with searching for clues which then lead to tricky puzzles that need solving quickly. Offering eye-catching visuals and a pleasurable gaming experience thanks to the game’s quirky animation style, this particular option is a serious challenge, but it’s a challenge that is worth taking on, particularly if you’re partial to the odd bit of puzzle-solving.

Adventure-themed online slots are a good option

The aforementioned diverse nature of adventure gaming means that there are a range of products in this particular category. An emerging genre of gaming, particularly on mobile, online casino games are thriving at the moment. Alongside a huge selection of classic titles on offer, adventure-themed online slots are a solid option for gamers keen to experience these types of games but with a difference. From a retelling of the classic 1980s film, The Goonies, to products based on an explorer named John Hunter, the opportunities are endless here. Other titles worth sampling include Book of Dead, Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, and Adventure Trail, with all games providing a fun, adventure-filled gaming experience. They’re easy to grasp, too, with bonus spins being particularly prominent in these types of games also.

Pikmin Bloom could be the new Pokemon Go

Chances are, you’ve heard of Pokemon Go. The augmented reality hit could be replaced by another augmented reality masterpiece, with the game’s makers, Niantic, bringing Pikmin Bloom to mass audiences recently. A roaming adventure game where players are forced to explore an outdoor setting, instead of catching Pokemon, you have to locate Pikmin and plant flowers along the journey. The more distance you cover, the more likely your collection of Pikmin will plant flowers and wear a variety of odd-looking hats.

Also consider sampling Life in Adventure, Life is Strange, and Machinarium.