Reasons To Choose A Used Car

Choosing a new car is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things ever – particularly for car enthusiasts – but it can be stressful. How are you supposed to best utilize your budget? What are the things that you really need from your new vehicle? And do you need to get a new car? The answer is a resounding ‘no’, and if you don’t know already, then it’s worth pointing out that the used car market is awesome.

However, you may not be convinced. After all, we all look for that new car feel, and we all want to know that we’re the first person behind the wheel of our brand new vehicle. Who knows what careless drivers have been in a used car before us, and what they’ve left hiding under the seats? In order to dispel the myths surrounding used cars, we’ve put together some of the top reasons why you should opt for one next time you upgrade your vehicle.

They’re a lot cheaper

Let’s be real here, very few of us can afford to buy an Audi or a BMW from new. New cars are incredibly expensive, and the truth of it is that they lose value as soon as you drive them off the forecourt. However, buying a used car is a much more affordable option, and the likelihood is that it hasn’t even racked up a lot of miles on the clock. If you’re on a budget, you can get the car you want by opting for used.

Another benefit here is that if you decide to trade in your used car for a different make or model, you’ll find that you haven’t lost much – if any – money by doing so. Leaving car dealerships with a used car is pretty much a guarantee that you’re investing in something that won’t lose its value, so you know that you’re not throwing away cash with every mile that you drive. To get the biggest bang for your buck, buy a used car!

They’re just as high quality

One of the main misunderstandings that people have about used cars is that they’re not as high quality as new cars. There could be something wrong with it, right? What if you’ve been mis-sold a car that seemed great, but really isn’t? However, if you buy from a trusted used car dealer, you’ll have a guarantee that your new vehicle is in perfect condition, so you can rest assured that you’ve bought something great.

All cars in highly rated dealerships have been through rigorous testing, so you don’t need to worry about quality with your used car. Just make sure that you ask for all of the paperwork, you go through a dealership that you trust, and you get everything in writing. If you’re buying directly from a seller, make sure that you get a professional to confirm that there are no issues with the vehicle.

You can go up a level

One of the great things about used cars is that you can afford those vehicles that you would never have been able to dream of having from new. Due to the affordability aspect of the used car market, you can say goodbye to that average motor and get your hands on something a little more savvy. This expands your options when it comes to what you can afford, which is ideal if you want to go up a level.

If you’re going to look at some used cars, be sure to check out a few different dealerships to ensure that you have the right price. Another thing to note is the added extras that you can get for a low price: heated seats, leather interiors, all of the gadgets that you could possibly want… you probably wouldn’t have been able to get them from new, but with a preloved car you can pretty much guarantee it!

It may be more environmentally friendly

OK, so the lower the demand for brand new cars (with brand new parts), the lower the impact on the environment. Whilst this is of course good for the planet, there are a few things that you need to consider to make sure that you’re opting for the most eco-friendly used car. If it has a good mileage and it’s relatively new and up-to-date, then you’re sure to be cutting down your carbon footprint.

Ultimately, a lot of used cars have been manufactured in the last five years, meaning that they have the latest eco-friendly spec. Rather than letting a near-new car rot away in a used car dealership, you can do the planet a favour and make sure that your new vehicle is preloved. Be sure to talk to your dealer about what the most environmentally friendly options are before you sign any papers and buy your vehicle.

It will have a warranty

If you’re worried about buying a used car in case there’s something wrong with it, then you should be aware of the fact that most used vehicles will have a warranty. This will usually be over 12 months, so you’ll know that the vehicle you’re buying is what you believed it was or you’ll get your money back (or the problem fixed). This will put your mind at ease when you hand over your cash.

This also means that there is not much difference between the warranty on new and used cars, so you won’t be missing out by choosing a preloved vehicle. Again, this depends on who you buy your used car with, so make sure that you find out the warranty periods from your dealership or you have some kind of written agreement with the seller before you pay anything towards the car that you choose.

You’ll know that it’s a good car

If you get a car as soon as it comes out on the market, you’re not entirely sure that what you’re getting is going to be the kind of vehicle that you want. However, after a car has been out there for a while, you can read reviews about its performance, and hear from other people what kind of quality you can expect. This is greatly beneficial if you don’t want to waste valuable time or money on your car.

Of course, you can take the risk with a new car, and if it’s a brand with a good reputation then there is every chance that it will be a great vehicle. However, there are those cars that don’t live up to expectations (and the hype) so it’s good to see how a vehicle fares in the long-run before you decide to buy it. Opt for a used car, and you’ll be 100% sure that you’re getting what you want well beyond the test drive.


Buying a used car may be the right thing for you, and this is something that you should decide after considering all of the positives and negatives of each option. However, it’s important to get rid of the misconception that used cars are dirty, that there is something wrong with them, or that you’re not getting value for money. Most used cars will be fully valeted, they have warranties, and they offer the highest value for money out there.

If you’re still not convinced, head down to your local used car dealership and see whether you can find a first-class vehicle that helps you to make your decision. Be sure to check the paperwork, look at the online reviews and go for a test drive in a few vehicles, and you could be driving away in a preloved car that meets all of your requirements. Good luck, and happy used vehicle hunting!