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Upgrading Your Winter Wardrobe

We’ve hit November which means we’re about to face some pretty frosty weather conditions. Cold temperatures, shorter days, rain, sleet, snow, frost – you’re going to have to wrap up if you’re going to want to stay warm during the upcoming months. Your summer outfits might look great, but they’re not going to cut it when it comes to fending off the frost and keeping yourself toasty. Now, when people think of a winter wardrobe, they often think of frumpy or unappealing garments. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Design has come a long way and there are plenty of appealing options out there suitable for every style and aesthetic. Here are a few winter wardrobe essentials that you should stock up on for the months ahead.


Jeans are going to be your best friend throughout the winter. Having your legs well covered with a sturdy, thick fabric will make your life a lot more comfortable. Only you can know what fit and style best works for you, your look and your body, but stock up on a few pairs to ensure you always have some to reach for when you’re heading out and about.

Thick Shirts

T-shirts and thin shirts are only good for layering at this time of year. Instead, you might want to look into getting a few shirts that are made from thicker and more insulated materials. Good examples include thick, flannel shirts that you often see in thrift stores. Alternatively, you might want something newer and more on trend like the thickly woven shirts at If you want to go above and beyond, wear a regular vest or t-shirt beneath these for more insulation.

Finding the piece of clothing that fits your body perfectly can be a challenge, especially when it comes to winter wear. That is why the tall shirt was invented. These shirts are designed for individuals with longer torsos or longer arms, providing a comfortable and stylish fit. So if you’re tall and find yourself constantly struggling to find shirts that fully cover you, consider investing in a few tall shirts to upgrade your winter wardrobe.


Coats are going to be the best investment you make this winter. Sure, they tend to be one of the items you’re going to buy that has the biggest price tag attached,  but they also last year on year if you buy something of good quality. Browse all of the different options available to you. The best tend to be thick and heavy, often crafted from quality wool and measuring quite long to cover the thighs. This will keep you toasty. A good alternative is puffer coats, which are more lightweight but are well insulated and are often waterproof too. Having a choice of coats for different occasions tends to be the best way to prepare.

Hats, Gloves and Scarves

If there’s ever a time to accessorise, winter is the most practical season. Hats, gloves and scarves should become a daily winter wardrobe staple item that you wear whenever you head out of the house. These will help to keep your hands warm, as well as your head and neck. The most heat in your body tends to be from your head, hands and feet, so a hat and gloves will take care of two of these areas. Having a scarf will protect your neck, keeping the wind out and allowing your body to preserve more heat. Try different options. There are countless brands and styles out there, so you’re bound to find something that matches your look and works into your style well.

Thick Socks

We tend to pick up whatever socks happen to be in our drawer and clean, as and when we need them. But when winter comes around, you’re going to want to keep your feet as warm as possible. We lose the most heat through our extremities and our feet tend to be in closest contact to cold, wet floors. So, choose some thick, knitted socks to wear beneath the item we’re going to recommend next!


Boots are an essential. Sandal season is over and you may even find that your trainers or sneakers aren’t up to scratch once we get into the later months of the year. As we noted above, we lose a lot of heat through our feet, so you’re going to want something well insulated. But this isn’t where your winter boot checklist should end. You need to make sure that you are also choosing options that are fully waterproof to prevent dampness. You should also consider boots with good grip on the bottom. This can prevent you from slipping or falling over when you head out into snow or walk on more icy surfaces. Give your boots a polish for extra shine.

These are just a few bits and pieces you should start shopping for and adding to your winter wardrobe now that we’ve hit November! Each will serve you well, helping to keep you warm, as well as looking great, throughout the winter ahead.