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Online Hobbies That Have Stood the Test of Time

The internet has been around for a while, and the following online hobbies and pastimes are those that have stood the test of time and are arguably going to be around for a while to come. Yes, the internet may be changing and developing into the metaverse. Yes, we may all be spending a great deal more time in this space, and yes, it will be a more virtual and immersive experience. However, we will arguably still want to access and enjoy the entertainment that we know and love: the hobbies and pastimes that have stood the test of time.

The online casino

This has to be mentioned first, as it was one of the first forms of online entertainment to make its home on the internet. As early as 1994, the first online casino made an appearance, and since then, it has been a hobby and pastime that has both spread around the world as well as developing into one of the top hobbies on the internet. You can simply click here to see some of the best casinos available in Australia, for example. Showing that the same games and casino options that are available in Vegas can now be found online and pretty much played from anywhere in the world. Not only is it an entertainment sector that has been around the longest, but it has also developed the most and is one of the most cutting-edge and interactive forms of online hobbies there are.


Whether it is reading the news or using an e-reader to access your favorite type of fiction, romance, horror, and adventure stories, reading is still a hobby that many do online without even realizing it. We read our way through social media and the latest celebrity gossip as well as all the sports and finance pages; whatever it is that people are interested in, they can find it and read it online. It is thus one of those pastimes that have definitely stood the test of time. Yes, there are no longer actual pages as much as there were before the internet, and you may need a backlight and some additional memory space for your library, but reading is still a great pastime. It is also one of those pastimes that are said to be the most calming and relaxing, most required for the stressful, busy times in which we live.

Social media

Call it socializing or simply building likes and creating followers, social media is an entertainment phenomenon that has both evolved and spread faster than many other entertainment forms that we have access to. More people now use social media as a form of entertainment as well as a monetized form of employment or side hustle. 

Social media is one of the online hobbies that will form the basis of the metaverse and thus has a bright future ahead. It was a concept that arguably started as early as 1997 with the platform 6 Degrees, which was established to connect those with similar interests. It was based on the theory of having 6 degrees of separation from each other, and although it didn’t last very long, the idea or concept of social media was born, and the result is the Facebook and Instagram of today.


All manner of games have now become playable and accessible on the internet, but the computer game has come to define how we interact with each other and spend our time on the metaverse. For many, it is their gaming avatars that they most associate with the growth in VR and any time spent in the metaverse. And thus, it is the gaming aspect of this online space that is most important for many. 

Computer gaming had always been seen as a somewhat solitary pastime, and yet once networked and shared time gaming became popular and the internet showed what was possible, online gaming is now regarded as a sociable and engaging pastime as any. Once the game Doom made multi-player gaming in the online space a reality, it has not looked back, and in fact, more gaming is now done online and in the cloud than on specific consoles.

These are the online games, pastimes, and online hobbies that have managed to cement themselves into societal norms and practices. They have lasted as long as the internet and continue to develop and progress with the technology available to make these hobbies more enjoyable, sustainable, and widespread.