Moving Rebuild Your Life

How To Make Your Moving Experience Better

Moving is a massive deal for anyone and can be very cumbersome when moving from one place to another. You will need to get your stuff packed up in boxes, load it into the moving truck (and unload it too), drive across town (or country), and then get everything out of the truck and brought into your new home. If you’ve never done this before, it’s something that could use some pointers on how to make your moving experience more manageable.


Moving Tips and Hacks

If you feel overwhelmed when you start, that’s okay. Don’t let the feeling of being overwhelmed discourage you from moving. Just remember that everything will be okay and will work out if you take it one day at a time! Take some time to breathe deeply before jumping in there with both feet.

1. Hire Help

Moving can be super tiring, especially when lugging around heavy furniture. Hire a moving company if you have the budget for it. If not, there are usually people in your area who will be willing to help with a cheap price tag. Make sure that whoever comes over to help is reliable and trustworthy. Working with heavy lifting specialists in Melbourne will ensure you have a great moving experience. Also, Ensure those you hire are willing to help you move heavy objects because many people will only help carry boxes. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth when hiring someone to help you move.

2. Get Organized

Start by getting your moving boxes ready. You may want to purchase some packing paper or bubble wrap for extra protection around fragile items. Moving boxes can be purchased at most big-box stores or even grocery stores (don’t forget to ask for them when ordering groceries). If you’re recycling your old boxes, make sure they are clean, dry and nothing leaks out of them before using them again. Many people sell used moving boxes. Just ask around.

3. Keep Track of What’s in Each Box

When you’re moving, it’s easy to lose track of what is in which boxes. Sure, they’re labeled, but after a while, you’ll forget which one has your books and all the kitchen stuff (unless the boxes are different colors). Putting colorful ribbons or yarn on each box can make things less chaotic and give your new place a little touch of home. These items are non-negotiable:

  • Clothes (put hanging clothes in one box and folding clothes in another)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo, soap)
  • Bedsheets/blankets/pillowcases
  • Housewares (plates, silverware, pots, and pans)

4. Be Careful With Your Electronics

If your TV is older, it may still work perfectly fine, but now the cord has been shortened so much that it doesn’t reach from the outlet up to where you need to plug it in. You can buy an extension cord for pretty cheap at most hardware stores. Just remember to strip off the plastic coating on both ends of your cords before use. And don’t forget about surge protectors for extra protection around electrical equipment.

5. Avoid Traffic Jams

Especially if you’re moving from a bigger city to a smaller one, getting caught in traffic jams can be easy. Map out your route ahead of time and avoid the highway as much as possible so that you don’t have to deal with issues like car accidents or weather delays. If possible, try to avoid moving during peak hours. Traffic jams are never fun, and sometimes they can last for hours. You don’t want to move into your new home with tired, weary helpers who are exhausted from sitting around doing nothing because of traffic.

6. Stock Up on Food & Drinks

It’s best to have healthy snacks on hand for yourself and the helpers. This will also be a good thing to have if you get hungry during the process. Keep in mind that some foods are better to munch on before moving (fruit, veggies, protein) than others. Sometimes a hot sandwich is all it takes to pick people back up and get them going again. Ensure that there’s enough for everyone who is helping with the move and yourself if you’re not hiring movers.

Moving can be complicated if you don’t take it one step at a time. Get organized and schedule the move to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam. Make sure to have various drinks and snacks on hand for everyone helping out, whatever their age. However, taking it one day at a time helps not to become overwhelmed with the whole process. With the tips above, you’ll be able to make your moving experience easier.