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Love Driving? Here Are 4 Careers That Pay You To Drive

Do you love driving? Ever since you reached the age to obtain your driver’s license, you’ve been in the car as often as possible. Some people hate taking long trips in the car, but it’s something you’ve grown really fond of. 

As with all things in life, it’s a smart idea to take what you enjoy and make the most out of it. So, is it possible to take your passion for driving and turn it into something that benefits you? Absolutely! 

As you’ll see throughout this post, there are several careers that will pay you to drive around as much as you like…

Uber/Taxi Driving

An obvious career for someone that loves to drive is to dive into the world of driving other people around. I’ve included Uber and taxi drivers in here, but you could work for pretty much any company that offers these services. Of course, you could always start your own taxi service if you’re looking for more of a business idea rather than a career. 

Regardless, this type of job is extremely popular and profitable. People always need to be ferried around, so you can earn a lot of money being a driver. Plus, you get taken all over the place. You can drive to parts of town you’ve never seen before, offer longer trips to other locations; it’s a great way to enjoy driving. 

Also, it’s enjoyable meeting so many different people every single day. You get to see what everyone is like, and it’s fun when you can have a bit of a chat to your customers. Some people won’t want to talk, but the ones that do can share interesting experiences that make you laugh and provide you with excellent stories for the future. 

Typically, as long as you have a driver’s license that’s a few years old, and you’ve passed a criminal background check, you can become a driver. You might need to obtain a specific license depending on where you live, but it’s a case of applying for it online – you won’t need to take any extra tests. 

Truck Driving

Forging a career as a commercial truck driver is a fun idea if you love driving for very long hours. There are people out there that absolutely adore the open road. You’d do anything to be able to spend your days out on the highway, enjoying the scenery, and experiencing life on the road. Well, you can do exactly that with a job as a trucker. 

For this career, you will need some extra qualifications. To start, you’ll require a commercial driver’s license. This will need to state that you are capable of driving a large vehicle like a truck. Then, you may need to do extra things like the hazmat test for CDL, allowing you to drive trucks with certain things in the storage area. Once you have obtained all the necessary licenses, you can apply for jobs and make a living in this line of work. 

Being a trucker can be enjoyable, but you spend a lot of time on the road. It’s a fascinating career as you become part of an exclusive community. It will be fun stopping over on the side of highways and meeting the same people again and again. You form some long-term bonds, and you get to drive on the best roads in the US. If you’re a hardcore driver that wants a new experience, this could be perfect for you. 


If you like the idea of being a truck driver, but you’re not too keen on driving trucks or doing all the extra work to get your special licenses, then a courier career could be a better idea. The concept is the same; you deliver goods from one place to another. However, you can often do this in your own car. 

There are plenty of delivery networks that are looking to hire staff all the time. You can use your car, pick up deliveries, and send them to all the recipients. It’s a very enjoyable job if you love driving around for hours on end every single day. To some, this seems like bliss! 

Being in your own car also makes it more comfortable for you. You’ll get to travel around different areas, take in all the cool roads, and make a fair bit of money as well. 

Food Delivery Driving

Now, this is a fantastic idea if you are keen to make a bit of money on the side. Perhaps you have free time as you’re currently studying, or maybe you have a job, but you’ve got time to make more money? In either case, becoming a driver for food delivery companies is a splendid choice. 

Here, we’re talking about companies like DoorDash or Postmates. Both of these companies provide apps for customers to place food orders. They order meals from their favorite restaurants or items from a grocery store. The company then finds a driver in its network to go and pick up the order, delivering it to the customer as quickly as possible. It’s a simple system, and you get paid either per hour or per delivery. 

The best thing is, you can sign up to multiple different food delivery apps. This way, you can select orders from different providers, maximizing the money you earn. Honestly, if you want to spend a few evenings per week delivering food to people, this is an easy way to make money. Plus, you can earn tips for fast service as well. If you spend some of your spare time driving around anyway, you may as well make money from it!

You’ve seen four different careers here, but there are so many more out there. If you have a passion for driving and just love being behind the wheel of your car, it makes sense to benefit from this hobby. Look at the various ways in which you can forge a career that pays you to drive. It literally means that you get paid to do something you love – how cool is that?