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Only The Best For Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are the last significant vestige of freedom. They are arguably the final thing that you can do without the need to adhere to the nonsensical bureaucracy of the modern world. Once you hit the road, you are in control. You still need to follow traffic laws, of course, and it’s perhaps best not to infringe on anyone’s private property. Still! The road trip is an everlasting tradition for a reason, and until we make it to Mars and get the chance to rev up to the top of Olympus Mons and careen back down, it’s all we’ve currently got. But if you want to take an epic road trip that puts Sal and Dean or Wyatt and Billy to shame, you need the very best to get you from A to wherever you feel like finishing up. 

The Wheels 

You can’t go anywhere without a car, and while the sights and sound of the trip will be the perfect bookends for an epic journey, it’s the car that really makes the experience. Traditionally, eager road trippers have purchased the biggest hunk of junk in the state and headed off on an adventure, but if you know nothing about cars, this isn’t always a great start. 

Instead, it’s worth considering a New Jeep for sale. The classic off-road style gives you the handling and rugged appearance you need. In contrast, the innovative interior complete with all you need from a modern car ensures total satisfaction that you can’t get from decades-old alternatives. 

The Tech

Those who took a road trip way-back-when will romanticize how they navigated across the desert using only the moon and a shooting star (or UFO depending on who you speak to). While this sounds cool, and it’s definitely story-worthy, it’s also something you didn’t worry about any longer. 

Modern cars come equipped with a range of features that keep you on track and comfortable. They take the stress out of the road trip while still maintaining the freedom that you expect. When combined with your road trip playlist and reducing the chance of getting caught by cannibalistic mountain people or murderous teens, the best tech is always worth it. 

The Sleeping Arrangements

The sleeping arrangements will often depend on who you’re traveling with. Family road trips may demand a tent that you can pitch by the side of the road or in a National Park. However, this isn’t the only option. 

Sleeping in, or even on top of the vehicle will deliver the authentic road trip experience you’re looking for. Of course, it can get cold, so a big tent with plenty of amenities, including luggage lofts and even separate rooms will make your trip much more comfortable. 

The Best
It’s easier than you think for a road trip to go horribly awry. You’ve likely seen enough early-to-mid-200s slasher flicks to know just what could go wrong. It probably won’t go that way, but ensuring that you invest in the best of the best will make every endless stretch of road, every infinite blue sky, and every abandoned gas station something that you come upon with awe and excitement.