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7 Ways To Keep Your House Warm

Winter may already be well underway for most, and in other warmer areas it could be slightly chillier than normal, but we all know how it feels to have to walk around a cold house or apartment. It’s impossible to get comfortable, and you can’t hear your favorite Netflix show over the sound of your chattering teeth. 

You need some solutions to fix your conundrum of a cold house. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to get around this problem and help you make sure your home is nice, cozy, and toasty. 

Here are 7 solutions if you need to turn up the heat to keep everyone happy and warm.

1. Insulate the Home Properly

Your home’s insulation might be lackluster for various reasons. It could be the wrong type of insulation, it could be installed improperly, or maybe it’s just old. Whatever the reason is, you should contact insulation specialists to fix this, and at asifoam.com, you can see how not all insulations are the typical pink fiberglass type, and some are good for total temperature regulation. Look into the insulation of your home and figure out if it might need a little updating.

2. Let in More Sunlight

UV rays are nature’s way of providing you with warmth and some vitamin D, both of which are very much needed during the winter. You should open up the windows during the daylight hours to let in more natural light to keep the home warm and give it a more natural glow. At night, you should consider using thicker curtains that can help block any freeze or draft. This will help your homestay temperature be regulated when you wake up and use less energy.

3. Add More Throw-Blankets

Your living room can always use more blankets. The more blankets you add to the home, the more opportunities you have to snuggle up. It’s not a full-time solution, but it’s good enough if you plan on watching a movie on the couch or need something warm to keep you cozy while reading a book. Wool or faux sheepskin blankets work wonderfully for keeping you as warm as possible at all times.

4. Install a Fireplace 

A nice fireplace is always a welcome addition to a home. This is definitely not a small purchase and you need to consider all of the things that go into getting one. This includes cost, gas line, how much wood you can provide if you don’t use gas, and where it can be installed, if possible. If everything lines up, you should seriously think about having a nice fireplace because this type of heating will not let you down.

5. Get a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are all the rage now because they’re really good at automatically regulating the temperature for you. When the temp hits a certain low point, it can automatically adjust for you, and it can even help keep a singular room warm if you don’t want to use too much energy. Smart thermostats are really handy and help control your energy bill without sacrificing heating.

6. Add Rugs to Hard Floors

Hardwood, laminate, or tile can all get really chilly when the temperature starts to drop below certain levels. When this happens, your feet are under the constant stress of freezing temperatures on the toes. It might not be that dramatic, but it’s definitely significantly colder than carpeting, so you can add rugs to warm up your toes. This helps you keep the floor from freezing your feet and might even spice up the aesthetics of the room.

7. Seal Windows and Doorways Tight

You also need to make sure that anywhere that breeze or draft can get in is sealed tight. Windows and door frames are the guilty culprits here as they need to be able to move to open, which leaves gaps for air to get in and out. In the winter, freezing cold air can slip through, especially when it’s windy. Check to see how sealed they are by hovering your hand over the cracks to feel any air pressure or breeze. You can easily reseal them tightly at home with the right tools found in your garage or at a hardware store too.

Keeping your house warm is a must. It means comfort and safety, and you can enjoy your time much better when you know that you won’t be freezing your butt off just trying to watch TV in your living room or getting a good night’s sleep.