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The Vulture Of Culture: Becoming A Man Of The World

Do you consider yourself to be a cultured individual? When it comes to being a man of the world, this is a very vague term, but if you’re looking for ways to improve yourself, either through the clothes that you wear or by expanding your horizons, there are many options for the uncultured individual. It’s a great idea to look at improving your mindset, and expanding your knowledge of different cultures, but where do you begin?

Find An Entry Point

You might have a vague idea of what you want to explore, but no idea how to begin. Some people get their interest piqued by music from other cultures, others the way through sartorial choices. Whatever your interests are, whether it is fashion, entertainment, literature, use your interests as an entry point.

Learn Another Language

As an entry point you can get your teeth into, another language is an eye-opening way to explore another culture. By getting stuck into the language, the nuances and the patois, you become more clued up in the culture of another region. Learning another language is a particularly difficult thing to master, especially as you get older, but don’t be put off by the task. Because you have an active interest in another culture, this will lend itself well to your learning abilities.

Get Stuck Into Research

It’s always a good idea to use the internet to get a vague approximation of other parts of the world. After a while, you venture beyond the typical Wikipedia articles, and go further into what it means to be a part of that specific culture. For example, a website like His Boutique shows different cultures around the world in terms of fashion choices. This is always a fantastic entryway into becoming a well-rounded individual with a diverse knowledge of a specific culture and how they operate.

Get Into The Food

Of course, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and if you’re looking for a way to get stuck into a culture, but can’t afford to go to the country right now, exploring the culture through their meals is another way to get insight. Becoming a man of the world via food is a very enlightening (and tasty) experience. So have a look online and find a few recipes that you’d like to cook at home. Or use these recipes to cook for friends, and have a theme night. Whatever your interest is in the way of food, using it as a way to understand a culture is one of the best approaches.

Look At The Literature

Literature is such a vast topic, you can never aim to understand an entire culture by reading a few books, but by looking at the most treasured of authors that hail from that country, will give you a unique flavor of its rich cultural heritage.

These are just a handful of ideas to take on board, but when you are trying to become a man of the world, and get into a specific culture of another country, hitting these touchstones is the perfect starting point. After a while, you will imbibe these cultures and mannerisms, and you will feel part of something special.