Going Minimalist: The Essentials You Should Keep In Your Kitchen

You may have visited homes that have loads of pictures on the walls, and have books and magazines everywhere. Then there’s the ornaments and knickknacks. It can create a sensory overload. The colours may be drab and it all feels old and dusty.

By way of contrast, minimalism has become very popular in recent years. Rooms look more tidy and spacious and are easier to clean when there are fewer things around. It’s easier to get to things too.

The kitchen is certainly the centre of activity in most homes, particularly when there are hungry children around! If there is one room that should be less cluttered and more accessible, it is surely here. Minimalist kitchens can range from the humble to the luxurious, with stainless steel units or top of the market marble. White is an often-used colour because it makes everything feel clean, light and spacious. It’s not just the basic structure and decor that counts here, though – it’s the contents.

Let’s have a look now at some of the essentials to be kept in your minimalist kitchen.


Minimalism maximises storage space, and in some cases involves hiddenness. Many people choose to hide their trash cans within their kitchen units. This is not such an issue if they are stylish to look at, however. If you click here you’ll see that the experts discuss bins’ added features when providing reviews, such as motion sensors. This means you don’t have to touch the bin in order to throw things away. There are also bins that are designed to reduce odours as well. It’s good to make online research to see the pluses and minuses for each model.

Table-top Items

Most of these are pretty obvious and pretty universal. These can range from blenders, toasters and mixers to fruit bowls, kettles and utensil holders. Some utensils are designed to be foldable, which helps with maximising storage space. The same goes for multi-purpose utensils. Then there’s paper towel holders, liquid soap dispensers, and knife sets.

One of the keys to minimalism is to see how many of these items you own. Do you need all three of them, and are any of them broken and needing to be thrown away? If someone owns two of a specific item, why not store one in a utility room in case there is a future breakage. That way, nothing is wasted but the kitchen is not viewed as a cluttered storage facility!

Whilst minimalism can be neat and tidy, it is important to make sure things don’t look sterile. Having a house plant or too can add a homely feel to the kitchen. Make sure they’re not next to the steam coming from the kettle or cooker though!

Items for Cabinets

These may be on display through glass-fronted doors, or hidden. If crockery and glasses are all matching, they will stack better and will be more pleasing to the eye. Many people have Tupperware containers stored away. It’s easy to lose lids or just throw them in the cupboard, but this doesn’t help when you need one quickly! Storage containers should be airtight in order to keep food fresh. Glass containers are great for this purpose. Even teabags will lose their flavour if just stored away in their open packaging.

Furniture and Fixtures

If a kitchen has the space for it, a breakfast bar or a table and chairs can add value. Kitchen stools can look really stylish too. One gains an extra room for eating, besides the dining room. Some modern kitchens designs have islands in the middle. These can provide extra worktop space along with storage underneath. People can put chairs around the edges in some cases.

Wall hooks can be great for displaying saucepans and other pots and pans, and they save on using cupboard space. It’s worth pointing out that they might get dusty from time to time. Stainless steel pans and cast iron frying pans are the best choice for a quality kitchen. Spice racks also look great and are highly accessible when needed for cooking.

Larger Items

Besides fridges, most people have microwaves and slow cookers these days. If a slow cooker is not used regularly, it could be stored elsewhere to help declutter the kitchen. Just bring it out when required.

A minimalist kitchen containing all the essentials can make cooking and eating more fun. Everyone uses this room at some stage or other during the day, after all. Bins can be both stylish and functional. Worktops can be tidy and clean. Cooking equipment can be stored on worktops, walls or in cupboards and cabinets. A house can feel transformed when a new look kitchen is created.