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The Problems Being Created By Technology In Modern Society

Listen, we have nothing against today’s technology. 

In all kinds of ways, the computers, phones, and gadgets that we use our making our lives easier. We can make light work of complicated work tasks, get in touch with our friends and family members quickly, and run our homes more efficiently with the smart features we can install into our living spaces.

We should be thankful to those tech developers who have given us the computers, software programs, gaming devices, smartphones, and other pieces of tech that we use so often. However, while technology has proved advantageous, we should also point the finger at the technologies we use for some of the problems we are facing in our lives. Or, to be a little more accurate, we should point the finger at ourselves for the way we use them. 

You see, modern society has been beset with problems, and some of these can be attributed to the technologies we use. 

Consider the following.

#1: We are becoming dumber as tech becomes smarter

When was the last time you used maths to calculate your income and taxes? When was the last time you used a map to get you from A to B when driving your car? When was the last time you committed to research to access the information you needed? Chances are, those times were in the distant past, as the smart technologies you use have probably ruled out the need for you to think for yourself. After all, why manage your own budget with a pen and paper when you can download an app on your phone to do it for you? Why use a map when you can use a satnav? Why read a book when you can ask your Alexa device for what you need? Yes, these technologies are great, but by becoming dependant on them, we aren’t using our brains. So, what happens when our devices break down? As this article suggests, our smart devices are impacting our brain’s ability to learn, so we might start to struggle when we don’t have our gadgets to rely on. 

Our advice: Try to become less reliant on the tech you use. Expand your brain cells by doing certain things for yourself, such as using a pen and paper to calculate your accounts, or using a map when you’re out in your car. Sure, it’s a bit of a hassle, but you will be better equipped to manage when the batteries in your devices die, or should the world ever become subject to an internet blackout.

#2: We are putting our privacy at risk when using the internet.

We can do so much online these days. We can shop for food and leisure items. We can manage our banking needs. We can communicate with our friends and family on social media. And we can do so much more. However, the more we use the internet, the greater the risk of our privacy being compromised. In some ways, this is our fault. The more we share on Facebook, Twitter, and the like, the greater the chances of other people (friends or not) finding out about our personal lives. And then there are cybercriminals to consider. With the methods they use to gain access to our computers, we are at risk of losing our private information to these nefarious trouble causers. 

So, here’s our advice: Be cautious! Tighten up your privacy settings on Facebook. Don’t tell the world everything about your life online. And do what you can to protect yourself from hacking threats, such as using the adblocking and VPN tools used by MacKeeper – click on the link to read more – and by protecting your computer with antivirus software. Or, and we know this will be hard for some of you to consider, live less of your life online. We discuss another reason why you should below. 

#3: We are becoming socially isolated

Hey, we love our gaming devices, but the more time we spend playing games online with our friends, the less time we have to spend with our friends face-to-face. We love the smartphones that we hold in our hands, but the more time we spend looking down at them, the fewer opportunities we will have to look at the people around us. And we love the way we can use our mobile devices to shop for clothes and order takeaways, but by becoming reliant on them, we are reducing the need to spend time outdoors where social opportunities could be found. Instead, we sit in virtual bubbles, and while we can spend time with others online, we have fewer opportunities to engage with them in more personal ways. 

So, here’s what you need to do: Put down your joypads and switch off your phones, and spend more time with others in the real world. You will be able to hold conversations that aren’t based solely on text speak. You will be able to see the reaction of others, instead of misinterpreting the emojis they send to you. And you will be able to enjoy a life offline, doing all of the things that can be afforded to you, such as an afternoon in the park, a night out with your friends, and a myriad of activities that can elevate the fun factor in your life.

#4: We have less job security

Now, technology has been a lifesaver for many businesses. As we said at the beginning, complicated business tasks can be made easier. However, thanks to the latest software programs available to businesses today, there is less need for employers to have staff members on their payroll. And because robots can carry out many of the tasks that humans have traditionally undertaken, many people are being made redundant as a consequence. Then there is online shopping to consider. If you’re somebody who works in high street retail, it will be of little surprise for you to know that your job is under threat because of the dominance of shopping giants such as Amazon and eBay, which are partly responsible for many high street closures. 

Our advice? While job security is an issue, you can make yourself indispensable to your employer, perhaps by learning new skills and working hard to profit the companies you work for. A change of career can also help, as by moving into an industry with more job security, you might be able to navigate away from the possibility of redundancy. These are just a couple of the steps you can take to counter the threat of the technological workplace revolution.

Technology: It has its advantages, but its not all sunshine and rainbows. So, think about the problems we have listed, and follow our suggestions to ensure the tech you use and encounter doesn’t become your greatest enemy!