Could an Overseas Move Be for You?

In life, the majority of us will grow up and stay in the same places that we were born. Sure, we may stray away for a little while here and there. But ultimately, many of us will come back to the same spot. We tend to have a habit of sticking to what we know. There are, however, those amongst us who have a keen sense of curiosity and adventure. We’re open to spreading our wings and consider the world our oyster. There are so many opportunities further afield and a whole planet to be explored! So, if you’re considering something new, it’s time to consider whether a move overseas could be good for you!

Consider the Reason for Your Move

There are a number of reasons that people tend to move overseas. Each needs to be taken into consideration individually in order to determine whether it’s providing you with a sound and reasonable basis to up and leave the place you’re already living in. Here are just a few that you might be mulling over right now.

Moving for a Degree or Job

Many people will move to follow their interests and career path. Perhaps the university or college you’ve applied for isn’t exactly close to home, but has a great reputation and could really make your CV or resume stand out. Perhaps you’ve been offered the job role of your dreams has come up and you’ve been offered the position. Moving could mean a higher salary, a better quality of living and fast progression towards your ultimate career goals. In these cases, if there aren’t similar opportunities where you live right now, moving definitely is something to draw into consideration. After all, it could open a lot of doors or opportunities for you.

Moving for a Partner

Most of us will be in a relationship with someone who lives in a relatively close vicinity to us. This is largely because we meet people who live near to us and consequently are more likely to fall for someone near to us. It is also largely down to convenience. Long distance relationships can be difficult to maintain without regular contact, which can drain many of our bank accounts and spare time. However, there are a number of ways you might end up deciding to move to live with a partner elsewhere. Perhaps you’re in a long distance relationship and have decided that in order to make things work you’re going to need to be closer to each other. Perhaps you’re in a close relationship, but your partner is planning on moving away and asking you to move with them. Moving to live with a partner could be a good idea or a bad idea. The first question you need to ask yourself is how strong your relationship is. Have you been together for years and you can’t see your life without them? If so, it could work well. Have you been together for years but your relationship is on the rocks? In this situation, question whether a move is really the smartest thing to do right now. Have you just met and barely know each other? Chances are, it’s a bit risky upping and leaving what you know to pursue a relationship that doesn’t necessarily have strong chances of going anywhere. At the end of the day, only you can answer honestly whether your relationship is worth moving for.

Moving for the Sake of It

Of course, you don’t even necessarily need a reason to move. Maybe you just want change. Maybe you want to explore. Maybe you’re interested in a different culture and want to immerse yourself in it. This is a pretty exciting prospect. You could end up anywhere – a cottage in the South of France, you could buy townhouse Malaysia, or you could rent a chic apartment in Rome. However, it’s important to remember that moving a long way on a whim is a pretty big move to make. Instead, conduct a lot of research and ensure this is something you definitely want to do.

Consider Your Responsibilities

Once you’ve considered your motivation for moving, you also need to take any responsibilities or commitments you have into consideration. Do you have kids? If so, how could a long distance move impact them? Will their schooling be disrupted? Will they be upset by the move? Will you have good educational opportunities and a good place for them to grow up in the place you’re considering heading? Do you have pets? Can they accompany you on the move? Will they have to be quarantined and will they be able to cope with this? Is the new location suitable for them? Will there be space to walk them or ensure they are safe and have everything they need? Do you have any friends or family members who rely on you? Will you moving negatively impact their lives? These are some of the most important questions you have to ask yourself. For some of us, moving doesn’t only change our lives. It can impact others’ too and you need to make sure that the decision you’re making has an overall benefit.
If you’re deciding to go ahead with your move, it’s important to prepare properly. First, definitely visit the place you’re planning on moving too. We have grand illusions of many places and romanticise them in our minds. Make sure that the place lives up to what you’re expecting of it. If you visit and fall in love with the place, start looking into the protocol of moving. You may need visas, a set amount of savings or other things to actually make the move! Research is key to making sure you get everything right. You might also want to prepare in the way of looking into the local area, beginning to learn the local language, or making any other number of steps towards making your move as smooth as poss