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A Guide to the Different Types of Coffee Makers

Going out for a cup of coffee every now and then is a fun way to relax or spend some time with friends. And getting coffee to go when you are on your way to work, running errands, or running late can definitely be convenient. But if you are buying a cup of joe every day, it can really add up fast! To save money and be able to have coffee whenever you want it, without even needing to leave the house, which type of coffee makers is the best?

The Benefits of Coffee Makers

With the right coffee maker, you can make delicious coffee right at home, whether you are making a single cup for yourself or brewing a whole pot when entertaining guests. But if you thought that there was only one way to make this yummy drink, think again. 

If you want to dive into everything you need to know about coffee so you can make the perfect cup every time, check out the articles on Cup & Bean. There, you can learn about different types of coffees so you can choose the one that you will like best. But, in addition to knowing which coffee to buy, you also need to know which coffee maker to use to get the best results.   

The key is to select a coffee maker that not only fits your budget but is also easy to use and capable of delivering the flavorful cup of joe you crave. Below is a short list of some of the different types of coffee makers to help you make the right choice.  

French Press

First up is the French press. This is an easy way to make coffee. Basically, you add coffee grounds to boiled water. Then, you put the lid on the carafe and let the coffee steep for several minutes (around four minutes should be enough, but you can let it steep longer for a stronger cup). Next, the plunger on the top of the French press needs to be pressed down slowly. This pushes the coffee grounds down, leaving the brewed coffee ready to pour. And, when you are done using it, it is easy to clean too.  

Drip Coffee Makers

A drip coffee maker is what likely comes to mind when you think of coffee makers. You add water to it and set it up with a filter and coffee grounds. Press a button to start the brewing process and then just let the machine do its thing. Within minutes, you’ll have a full pot of hot coffee ready to be poured into your favorite mug. The nice thing about this type of coffee maker is that you can opt to make just a couple of cups or more than 10 cups. The amount that you will be able to make will depend on the size of the pot that you are using, but the versatility is nice because you can use the amount of coffee you need without being wasteful. 

Single Serve Coffee Makers

When you don’t want to brew a whole pot of coffee, there are single serve coffee makers that you can turn to. The most well-known brand is Keurig, but there are other options out there these days. This is a great option when you want to make yourself a mug of coffee really quickly, as you just need to add water to it and then set a pod in place to let the machine get to work. However, using one or more pods every day can create a lot of waste, so if you want to take a more eco-friendly approach to your single serve coffee maker, consider getting a refillable, reusable pod into which you can put your favorite coffee grounds. Alternatively, you can opt to use coffee pods that are made of biodegradable and/or recyclable materials.

Espresso Machine

If you absolutely love the flavor of a cup of espresso, or you want to be able to make delicious cappuccinos and lattes at home, it’s worth looking into a good quality espresso machine. Some of these are equipped with features like milk steamers that will make it possible to make cappuccinos quickly and easily, but they can be pricey. Also, these machines could be a little complicated, so it might take you a bit of time to learn how to use your new coffee maker if you have never had this type before. 

Moka Pot

Finally, there’s the Moka pot. This is another option for anyone who wants to make espresso at home, but it’s a lot less complicated and doesn’t need to be plugged in. Sure, you can’t froth milk with it, but if you want a strong cup of coffee, this can be a great choice. Just fill it up with ground coffee and water, set it on your stove and wait for it to brew, pour it into a little espresso cup, and enjoy. 

With so many different types of coffee maker to choose from, it pays to read a few reviews and see which one would be best suited to you.