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The Problem with Wireless Earbuds is Finally Solved

Wireless earbuds are the new hotness right now. First the world had sweet over-ear cans in the early days of radio up to the 90’s. Then came earbuds, probably made most popular by the original iPod. The next evolution were “wireless” bluetooth earbuds that weren’t wireless at all – no they had a wire connecting the two ears. This is about as big a misnomer as wheeled “hoverboards.” Finally, this year we’ve the seen introductions of actually wireless earbuds, with nothing connecting the two earbuds whatsoever. Now, in the year 2016 we have our freedom.

But wait I hear you pleading, what happens when one of my earbuds falls out? The best use case for many of these first wireless buds (I just trademarked that name for a buddy action flick starring Keanu and the hologram of Tupac) is in action sports, exercising, or running. Basically, the best times to use these limited battery earbuds is when you are moving around a lot, possibly at high speeds. It’s only natural to think that you’re going to lose one of your earbuds and be stuck with terrible terrible mono sound.

Well that’s exactly the usecase ELWN decided to solve once and for all with their Fit earbuds. Their kickstarter just funded in the first day, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do you get two sexy little buds (I’m not trademarking that movie name, it’s all yours…), plus an additional battery strap called an Infinity Band, but you also get a whole variety of ear tips, hooks, and loops with 180 different combinations to ensure, in their words, “the most customizable truly wireless ear buds.”

If you’re still here and reading, I’m sure your question now is, “but do they work?” Sir, they do indeed. In fact, I’m listening to them now as I write this. Pairing is simple and straightforward (just read the package!), sound quality is good, my custom fit was excellent, and battery life is very respectable 3 hours. When you’ve exhausted that, just plug in the Infinity Band external battery/cord for up to 6.5 hours of running and jumping around.

I doubt I would use these around the office or house, but exercising, rolling around on my bike, or even ignoring other humans on the bus are all great uses for the ELWN earbuds. There have been plenty of wireless earbuds companies to come out this year, but ELWN has really impressed us with their design, fit and finish, and customizability. If you buy wireless earbuds this year, it should be the ELWN Fit. Welcome to the new hotness and real freedom.