The Different Ways to Cook Beef: Explained 

Beef has been known as very popular meat, one of the most often ordered in restaurants. It can be a real treat for the gourmets, and many different restaurants offer multiple choices when it is about preparing this meat. Plus, there are quality meat suppliers on the internet that can deliver direct to the customer’s door – those interested in this may wish to check out this Crowd Crow review to find out more about one such supplier who can provide this sort of service. Yet, preparation of this particular meat can be demanding at times, and the most skillful cooks need a lot of practice to learn how to make soft and juicy beef. It includes special techniques and skills, in order to satisfy the palate of food lovers across the world.

Different Types of Beef

The first and maybe the most popular is beefsteak. It is part of the meat from the spine muscle and it is fatless, very soft, and buttery. Still, some people enjoy fatty meat and with this type, they will not be completely satisfied.

For them, a rib eye is a better solution, and although it does not have the tenderness of the beefsteak, it has the full flavor of the meat and fat, which will make people look for an extra piece. T-bone steak is also a popular type of beef, and it has a shape of a letter T. It belongs to the expensive steaks as well and is a real beef specialty. The next type is flank, a part of the meat which is of lower quality than others because it can be a bit tougher if not prepared well. However, it offers a full taste of the beef and it is perfect for the buffet.


Roasted Beef

Beef is ideal meat to be baked and stewed in the oven. With a little technique, one can make that meat fall from the bones. Firstly, the marinade is very important. Many cooks offer solutions on how to prepare oven-baked beef ribs, and the secret is in the marinade. Beef should be marinated in honey, mustard, and with different spices a day before its final preparation. Then it has to be baked in its own juice, at a medium temperature for at least an hour and a half or two hours.

Fried Beef

Frying is also one of the methods for making delicious beef, but you must be careful with it, because there is always a danger that meat can be too fried, and it loses its taste and becomes gummy. The chosen piece of meat needs to be cleaned from veins and excess fat and put in a hot pan with melted butter. Butter gives the meat a special taste and cooks often add thyme and rosemary for an extra aroma and flavor. The steak should be topped with butter all the time to soak up all tastes and spices. 

Some people like to add garlic, a lot of pepper, and ginger. After the meat is fried, it should rest for some ten minutes, and be salted on top.

Boiled Beef

The healthiest way to cook beef is to boil it in the water with vegetables. You can get a mild soup without adding extra fat or sauces. Boiled beef is very nutritious and is recommended for people who are on a special diet or have problems with blood pressure and health. The beef should be boiled in a large pot for about ninety minutes. 

Along with the meat, you should add different vegetables or the ones you like. The onion, carrot, and potato are usually used, but you can experiment with some unusual vegetables and add a lot of aromatic spices. In that way, you can get soup and a nutritious meal which is suitable for the whole family.

Sous Vide Beef

Sous Vide is a new and special technique for meat preparation. It literally means vacuum cooking or cooking without air. The meat is vacuumed and then it cooks at low and controlled temperatures. These cooking conditions enable beef to cook in its juices and it becomes more tender. The meat does not lose its water and remains moist, but you should be careful with spices because they become more intense. 

With the sous vide technique of preparing beef, there is no danger of drying or overbaking the meat. It is a bit of a longer cooking process, but it will give you soft and medium-baked beef. This type of cooking can be done in the kitchen if you are resourceful enough. However, If you are passionate about cooking, you can buy special sous vide equipment, where vacuuming and heating are combined in one gadget.

Many doctors recommend eating beef at least two times a week. It is red meat which is not fatty, so it improves our blood results. Of course, it is better when it is cooked in the water with vegetables only, but baked or fried beef occasionally will not do any harm. So, if you are indecisive about what to eat or you want to eat something healthy and nutritious, beef can be the best possible option.