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I’m gonna just put this out there and get it out of the way: the biggest problem with Tani’s newest line of men’s underwear and undershirts is that your lady-friend(s) will snag ’em so quick, you’ll be lucky if you see them ever again (the underwear, not the lady).

Why you might ask – because of the two questions Tani poses with every design and fabric choice for their garments:


Is it comfortable?/Will it out-perform to create the best men’s underwear?

This has led them to go above and beyond to engineer and design fabrics derived from eucalyptus that are finer than silk (seriously), and on the rare occasion they do utilize cotton, employ a unique manufacturing process where 97% of existing cotton on the market simply doesn’t make the grade.

Components of the lounge-wear are so fine, that only a handful of mills worldwide have the technology and expertise to spin the ‘Superfine’ by Willy Herman fabric. Tani works exclusively with one mill in Austria responsible for creating fabric so fine, it’s literally impossible to see through, creating unprecedented fit, durability and most importantly, comfort.

Now, as both an athlete and menswear enthusiast, I’ve had some pretty cozy boxers and briefs touted as “the best ___ in the world”, though due to my own laziness, I rarely sort out my laundry to a T and wash/dry them the way their supposed to be (Sorry ‘n’ shit – who has time for that anyway?) Therefore, although they may be stupid comfy when I first get them, they feel essentially like sandpaper after just a few washes.

After failing to wash the Tani garments like I should (the few I had left after others disappeared one morning ) I was pleasantly surprised to find they felt just as mindbogglingly comfy as ever – that’s true quality.

Christian Wutz
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Simply put, a big kid who likes going fast and enjoys beautiful design. I currently live in the concrete jungle of New York City, but regularly go out west to hit the open road on my motorcycle. I can be found sketching cars, on the hunt for the best cup of coffee, making new friends in unlikely places, or camping with my trusty Land Cruiser.

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