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7 Small Steps to Live a Greener Lifestyle

Living a greener lifestyle is one of the best decisions you could make to improve your life and the state of the environment. Doing even a little bit on a personal level can have amazing effects on the planet, especially when we all invest some effort. But even though it might be tricky to convince everyone at once to do it, it’s important to start from yourself. So if you’ve been meaning to live a more eco-friendly life, then here are some small steps that will help you get closer to that goal. 

1. Don’t buy everything you see 

Excessive shopping and consumerism, in general, are some of the biggest culprits behind climate change and global pollution. Therefore, don’t buy everything you see and like, especially if you’re not sure whether you’re going to use it. This is important, as it also helps you keep your home free of clutter and mess. So planning your purchases, and being a smart shopper, will help you make your lifestyle a bit greener than it was before.

2. Don’t throw everything away

Reduce, reuse and recycle are the most important principles of sustainability and green way of living. It’s easy to throw everything away, especially if you don’t see a purpose in keeping the item. But plastic ice-cream containers, liquid soap bottles with a pump, and countless other things can have a big use in your household, you just need to know how to reuse them properly. Sure, that doesn’t mean you should start hoarding everything, but being pickier with what you throw away can be a great decision.

3. Drive less frequently

In certain European cities, driving is seen as a necessary evil, because a lot of people prefer to use public transport or to cycle. Amsterdam and Berlin are such cities, so looking up to their cycling culture is a lovely way to live a greener lifestyle. Therefore, make sure to drive only when that’s absolutely necessary, and for other, day-to-day things, it’s better to ride a bicycle or to use public transport. 

4. Be a smart traveler 

Traveling is the only thing you spend money on, that actually makes you richer. However, it’s important to mention that eco-friendly tourism is a thing and that it’s the best way to live an eco-conscious lifestyle. Green traveling means flying less (only when necessary), staying in green accommodation places, traveling lightly, and eating and shopping at local establishments. Also, if you’re an avid beach goer, then be sure to look into sustainable swimwear as that is also a worthwhile contribution. Choosing which clothes to wear (and sustainable fashion, in general) is also a big aspect of the green way of living, so feel free to learn more about this important and interesting topic. 

5. Keep your home energy-efficient 

Preserving energy is a hugely important subject, therefore, if you’re aiming to make your life more sustainable, then this step is worth checking out. If you’re a homeowner, then you know the importance of energy conservation, especially during the winter. Insulating your home is the first crucial step, as well as, using LED lights and switching off appliances when not using them. This might not seem like a big thing, but it’s actually of great help, when trying to conserve energy and live in a more energy-efficient household. 

6. Donate things you don’t need 

Keeping some things is fine, but what if you don’t need them anymore? Well, rather than throwing them away, so they’ll end up in a landfill, it’s better to donate them to someone who’ll use it. There are many charity organizations that do that, so feel free to find some that are in your area. You can also sell everything you don’t need, but keep in mind that such a process requires more time, and also involves transportation costs and shipping fees. 

7. Use less paper

Going paperless can be one of the best eco-friendly decisions you could make. So, rather than paying bills in person, it’s better to set up a paying system that will take the money from your bank account. That way, there won’t be unnecessary papers floating around the house. The same goes for other things: rather than bothering with multiple notebooks, and pieces of paper, it’s best to invest in a digital paper tablet that allows you to take notes, and convert them to text as you wish. Removing paper altogether can be difficult, but with a bit of effort, it’s possible to significantly reduce its usage.


These tips help you kickstart your eco-friendly journey. However, feel free to add some of your own tips, and of course, don’t be afraid to start your own healthy habits as well. Doing things slowly and at your own pace is the best way to get used to this new, green and improved way of living.