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Storing Your Trainer Collection in A Small Space

Having a trainer collection is gaining traction as a hobby that’s somewhere between collecting baseball cards and designer bags. But even if you’re not a collector, you’ve got a collection. Trainers can be expensive and rare, but also, you need to walk in something. And there are too many of us out there that buy one pair, wear them once, can’t be bothered breaking them in, and simply add them to the collection never to be seen again. If any of that sounds like you, take a look at our suggestions for how you can store them. 

Display them

There are lots of ways to display shoes, but the best way is with a display unit. Some people have toys, some have art, some have China dolls: you’ve got trainers. Who’s to say that a rare pair of Jordan’s isn’t perfect for a tall glass case to show them off. It’s particularly worth considering if you have trainers that are so expensive or rare that you might not even wear them.

Export them

If your trainer collection is simply too much – maybe you’re an avid collector or your home is too small – you can store your trainers in a Safestore storage unit instead of your home. You can various sizes of units that start at 10 square feet and go all the way up to 500 square feet. If you have enough to fill 500 square feet we’ll be impressed, but a 10 square foot unit would be perfect for a collector. It can hold about as much as student luggage. Plus, the unit will be weatherproof and secure so you don’t have to worry about your collection getting rained on or stolen. 

Preserve them

Whatever you do with your trainers, you’ll want them protected. If you’ve got a good or expensive collection, the rain isn’t invited to come a walk with you. When you are at home, you should have a show storage cabinet that keeps the world out. You can get a wall mounted or standing storage cabinet that holds drawers that elegantly tip out, showing you all your options. They make for a great shelving unit at the entrance of a home that you can design around. 

Have them handy

A nice little display for your shoe collection might already be there in your home: the stairs. Line the edge of your stairs with your favorite trainers from your collection. You get to display them, and they’re there ready and waiting to be worn. 

Use them as a seat

Have you considered storing them in a hallway bench? Like a more sturdy ottoman, you can buy (or build) a bench that doubles as storage. Put it next to the door and have a cosy nook to put on your favorite shoes without leaning against the wall. It can be dressed up into a welcoming space that people would want to be but sneakily hiding all your trainer collection in a place that they’re not likely to get damaged. 

Use height

If you have a walk-in closet, or even a wardrobe with an upper shelve, you’ve got a place to display your trainer collection. You can line them up or buy separators to see them instantly or buy matching boxes for them so they’re protected by the dust and moths in your wardrobe.

Shelve them

And while we’re using vertical space, you can always install a few shelves to display your favourite trainers. A few simple floating shelves in an under-stair nook or on a wall in your bedroom will give your favourite kicks a place of pride and be ready to grab whenever it’s the right time. You can get very affordable and sturdy floating shelves that take seconds to install.