Office Space: Here’s the Right Way to Start Dating a Coworker

Do you have the hots for your hot coworker? Do you want to take your working relationship with her or him to the next level? If you’re truly interested in promoting your colleague to the position of girlfriend or boyfriend, there are key points to consider ahead of time so that dating a coworker can actually work for you.

  1. Recognize that most companies discourage employees from dating one another. If you’re considering dating a colleague, it’s important to understand that your employer is most likely against your decision to follow your heart rather than their policies. So while you may truly want to date this person, you should be honest with yourself and decide if it’s worth partaking in an activity of which your company disapproves. Is this a career risk you want to take?
  2. Think ahead about the possible repercussions of a failed relationship. Speaking of risks, before you decide to date your coworker, it’s imperative to keep in mind how you’d feel if things didn’t work out between the two of you. After all, while you may have high hopes for a long-lasting connection with this person, it’s a known fact that many relationships don’t end up succeeding. So before you go on your first date, you first need to decide if working with an ex is something you’d be able to handle in the future.
  3. Try not to date a subordinate. When it comes to dating a coworker, it’s also in your best interest to not date someone who reports to you. Sure, your intentions may be to stay completely judicious and fair, but it’s not uncommon for others to think that you’re favoring this person. And on the flip side, you may find yourself going out of your way to not appear as though you’re giving preferential treatment and end up engaging in reverse favoritism. With this in mind, do yourself a favor by not dating someone in this category.
  4. Leave the romance at home. So if you decide to date a coworker, make a commitment to one another that you’re going to stay completely professional while at the office and refrain from any romantic behavior. In fact, by flirting (or engaging in more illicit activities), you’re actually opening yourself up to the risk of sexual harassment claims by creating a hostile working environment for your other colleagues. Remember, keep it professional so that you can keep your job.