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The Benefits of Playing Field Hockey for Children

If you are still thinking twice if you should enroll your child on a field hockey program, here are some benefits that should finally convince you:

It helps maintain a healthy body and growth

A child that is physically active at an early age can expect better health. Since field hockey is a physical sport, it helps the child maintain appropriate body composition and prevents obesity. It also improves the function of both heart and lungs, which will continue to benefit them as they grow older.

It improves motor skills.

As they continue being physically active, children who play sports are stronger and have better coordination and balance than those who do not involve in physical activities.

Boosts brain function

Field hockey also helps children enhance their cognitive skills, which is the brain function in charge of memory, focus, knowledge, acquisition, reasoning, and decision-making.

Helps with social skills

Now that they are more exposed to children about the same age as them, kids who choose to play field hockey become more socially active and better at making friends.

Reduces stress

Constant physical activities among children that keeps them enjoyed and excited help release endorphins that cause them to become happier and reduces stress and other mental health issues.

Improves self-esteem

The meer experience of playing a sport and being in a community with shared interest is proven to have an impact on a child’s self-confidence. 

Builds leadership traits

Sports like field hockey produce leaders here and there. With children, they can develop early leadership skills that they can improve along the way.

Promotes sportsmanship and competitiveness

Playing in matches and championships helps in the character development of children. It develops sportsmanship, perseverance, competitiveness, etc.

Discover the chance of playing professionally in the future

Of course, giving your child the opportunity of playing field hockey can help unleash their interest in it and any other sports. It can develop their fascination in potentially playing advanced and professional field hockey in the future.

How can I find the best shop for children’s field hockey equipment?

One way to encourage your child to play field hockey and show that you support them is by purchasing the right equipment that they can use. Here is how you cand the best shop:

Do your research. If you do not know anything about the sport and the necessary gears, you can always go online to look for resources that will help you gain enough knowledge. You can also look for an online field hockey equipment shop.

Prepare a budget. Gears can be expensive, so make sure that you have set aside enough budget for the costs.

Ask experts. If you know people who are knowledgeable about field hockey, ask them for recommendations.

Find a shop that sells complete equipment. From hockey sticks, mouth guards to shin pads, a better purchase from a shop offers everything for better deals.

Involve your child in shopping for the gears. Letting them choose for their equipment can boost their excitement in playing hockey and attending the program.