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Photos by Richard Melick | United planes at the International Terminal at SFO

Reasons Why Airport Security Is Necessary

Airport security has been constantly improving over the years to combat new threats as they arise. Having to go through all the different security checkpoints at an airport can be quite tedious, but there is no denying the fact that airport security is vital for the safety of anyone boarding a plane, whether they are a crew member or passenger. There are some very crucial reasons why anyone who works in an airport or in the field of aviation, in general, has to undergo rigorous training to ensure that they are ready to deal with any security issues that could crop up. Here are the seven most prominent reasons why airport security is crucial.

1- Prevent the Transportation of Illegal Substances

Many people try to carry illegal substances such as drugs with them to their destination. Having proper security ensures that drugs are not transported from one country to another. This is done by having different scanners around the airport that can scan luggage as well as utilizing canines trained to smell such substances. This is one of the reasons why liquids and food are not allowed on airplanes. If a person has a prescription nicotine prescriptions that they need with them, then they need a document providing evidence of the prescription. If the quantity is excessive then it will not be allowed through the airport.

2- Minimize Terrorist Attacks

One of the main reasons why security in airports is a grave matter is the number of terrorist attacks that have occurred in the past. These attacks have cost thousands of people their lives due to the failure to detect bombs or weapons that terrorists conceal on their person or in their baggage. This is why different security methods are used in airports to ensure that none of these hazards even get into the airport let alone on an aircraft with unprotected passengers. One of the methods that are commonly used in airports to detect weapons is scanning baggage and passengers using different scanners. People working in an airport need to take an aviation security course to ensure that they are able to scan for any kind of concealed object using these various scanners including handheld and luggage scanners. Failing to identify such processes can put hundreds if not thousands of people at risk.

3- Protection Against Diseases

This is something that not many people know. Airport security can actually help prevent the spread of diseases. For example, some people may try to transport plants with them to their destination. This is not allowed because plants could have pests that can cause damage to the flora and fauna of the other country. For example, there could be a microorganism that farm animals in a country are unaffected by, but animals in other countries can get diseases from, which can severely affect the economy if it spreads.

4- Reduced Risk of Aviation Accidents

Airport security can significantly lower the risk of aviation accidents. More often than not aviation accidents occur during take-offs or landings. This is why it is crucial to ensure that the passengers are safe. If a person poses any kind of risk to other passengers or to members of the cabin crew, then it is best to be dealt with well before they are on the aircraft.

5- Prevention of Smuggling

Smuggling does not just apply to drugs. Criminals often try to smuggle different objects such as firearms, laundered money, artifacts, and even people to other countries for profit. Having strict security measures ensures that anyone trying to do such criminal acts is dealt with before they get the chance to evade the authorities. In fact, sometimes people try to smuggle people for human trafficking purposes.

6- Protection Against Cyber Threats

With the increased dependency on technology and digital aviation networks, cyber threats have become another serious issue that airport security needs to deal with. Therefore, cybersecurity has been taken quite seriously in airports nowadays. Hacking can cause serious problems and can even lead to fatalities if any digital aspect of aviation such as planned routes and timings is messed with.

7- Safety of Passengers in Airports

It is mentioned repeatedly that passengers and crew members need to be safe while on the aircraft, however, this does not mean that the safety of those in the airport soon to depart or just arriving is any less important. Aviation security also covers those in the airport. Shootings have become a threat that airports need to swiftly handle before anyone in the airport, be it employees, passengers, or families waiting for their loved ones’ arrivals are harmed in any way.

These are seven of the reasons why aviation security is of the utmost importance. Whether you are working in the field of aviation or are a passenger who wants to travel safely, it is crucial to understand that the laws and measures enforced are there to save lives and to maintain order. So if you are planning on flying anytime soon, keep that in mind.