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How To Store Your Firearms Safely At Home

As an owner of firearms, your main responsibility is to make sure that your guns are kept safe, in order to protect others. Even an unloaded firearm should never let be left where your children or any unauthorized person can reach them. A secure safe is an essential item for gun owners. Most gun owners know the basics of firearm safety and storage, but it’s always a good idea to refresh your memory of best practices and double-check you’re getting it right. 


Always Unload Guns When Not In Use

The most important rule of handling any firearm is to always unload it when it is not in use, even if you are planning to just put it down for a moment. A child might see the gun and become curious or a pet could accidentally knock it over. Accidental discharges can have tragic and devasting results, so always check and then double-check that you have unloaded your gun when you are handling it or before you store it in the gun safe. If you lend your firearm to anyone, never take their word for it that they have unloaded the gun when they give it back to you. Always check for yourself as soon as you get the gun back, and then again before you put the gun away. 

The Texas firearms training course will ensure that you are well-versed in the proper handling and storage of your firearms. Also, investing in a gun safe can provide an extra layer of protection and security for your guns.

Keep Guns And Ammunition Out Of Reach Of Children

The best option is to store your firearms in a proper gun vault. However, if you are still arranging for one, then you must keep your firearms well out of reach of children at all costs. The same goes for your ammunition and other items, like scopes or your ar9 buffer weight, which also should be stored somewhere safe, and out of reach of kids. Storing your guns in one place and your ammunition in another is also a very good idea.  

Firearms can really appeal to a child’s curiosity. They may mistake your gun for a toy and want to play with it. Even if you have guns stored securely in a gun safe, if you have children in your home, make sure you always educate them about the guns, no matter their age. This will make it clear that firearms are not toys and should be respected, and it should also help to curb their interest so they’re not tempted to touch or play with them.

Point Guns Straight Up Or Down When Stored

Accidental discharge can happen (which is why you should be so careful about checking the gun isn’t loaded). When this happens, they can cause a lot of damage to your property, or even cause devastating injuries to people. An accidental discharge could send a round through walls and other objects, so make sure you have control over the barrel direction. Directing the barrel into the ground reduces the risk of accidents due to accidental discharge. When you’re storing your gun at home, pointing it straight up or down in the gun safe that is inaccessible to other people is the safest option.