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Quick Guide To Protect You When Buying A Car Long-Distance

The days where you would head out locally to purchase a car or bike have long gone. Nowadays we are able to search for bikes and cars from all over the world if we want to and easily have the shipped using services like

Long-distance car and bike buying are certainly becoming more and more common, and feasible thanks to the capabilities of the digital market, but understandably some buyers are sticking to what they know because of the uncertainty and risk that may sometimes come with a long-distance purchase. 

But, if you are aware of what to look out for, and where to look, you will soon find that buying a new vehicle from a far away dealer isn’t as risky as it may seem. 

Let’s have a look at some of the things you can do to help a long-distance vehicle purchase go smoothly: 

Look At The Sellers Background

This may seem a little bit obvious, however, you need to make sure you read all of the available information about the car carefully. It can be far too easy to skip over important details when you are looking for a new car or bike, so if you find one that you are interested in, make sure you research it and read the details thoroughly. 

You should check for details such as: 

  • The mileage
  • Owner history
  • Age
  • Engine size
  • Recent repairs
  • Service history and MOT

You also need to make sure you pay attention to the factual information and how it’s written. You want to see an advert with as much detail as possible, if they haven’t provided all the information don’t be afraid to contact them and enquire. Be wary of photos, it can be very easy to gloss over photos but it pays off to zoom in check out the paintwork, or even request a video of the vehicle. 

Finally, it could really pay off to arrange a full-service history check if you are considering confirming the purchase. 

Get In Touch With The Dealership

You want to be able to contact the dealership over the phone, this is because verbal communication gives you the opportunity to listen to the tone of their voice and how clear and quick they answer any questions. 

A trustworthy dealer will answer the question quickly and genuinely. It’s important to take note of how they talk about the car. If the advert provided a lot of details, but they don’t sound like they know anything on the phone, this is a massive red flag. 

When you speak on the phone, it gives you the perfect opportunity to ask questions and speak about any issues that may have come up on the history check. A good dealer will understand that you may need extra information or sources like videos when you are purchasing long-distance, especially if it from abroad. 

This short guide is just a few of the things that you need to think about when buying a car or bike long-distance. Have you ever made a vehicle purchase long-distance? What did you do to protect yourself? Please share some tips in the comments below.