CRAFTY Portable Vaporizer

It seems like all the time we’re hearing stories about some technological advance: a hover board, robots, and self-driving cars. And while impressive feats we all grew up basically expecting all these things to happen having seen them in sci-fi movies and shows for years. Though in all the films, shows and books I’ve encountered through the years depicting future societies I’ve never come across a world that replaced fire when it came to smoking. But by God if people smarter than me didn’t have plans to replace good old fashion paper or pipes. Enter the CRAFTY vaporizer from STORZ and BICKEL.

Electronic devices for smoking are becoming more and more the norm and the CRAFTY stands to be the top device in this market with its Bluetooth connectivity. To many this may seem like overkill and if you’re in that camp you can simply bypass the app and turn the device on which defaults to a temp of 356°F at the touch of a button and a boasted temp of 383°F at a double-tap of that same button. An indicator LED then will notify you when the device is ready. If you opt for the app, which I highly recommend, an onscreen thermometer allows for you to set the temp and shows the current temp in real time as it heats up. Because this isn’t your offbeat uncle’s pipe there is more to remember regards to cleaning and burning temps of various plants and all that info. is easily accessed from within the app.

The device itself is pocket size, which is nice, and frankly a must as you’re not looking for the CRAFTY to replace a hookah. If you’re into specifics it’s 4.3 x 2.2 x 1.3 inches and if you’re not, that’s smaller than the palm of your hand. The very top inch or so twist off to reveal the filling chamber where you’re able to load the device very easily by hand or with a specifically designed attachment which comes with the CRAFTY. The mouthpiece is similar to an old thermos and lays flat atop the device until twisted and you’re ready to go. The perfectly controlled temperature delivers a smooth burn, rich taste and no lingering smoke that you just don’t get out of traditional devices.

I feel like more should be said about the CRAFTY, but it’s so simple and easy to use that I’m truly cashed. CRAFTY is clearly the future of smoking and the future is now.