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The Ghost Town of Bodie, California

How To Choose A Towing Service

Cars and other transport can break down at any time and occasionally it happens in isolated locations, in these circumstances the assistance of a tow truck is usually required. In addition to roadside assistance, towing service companies also provide services that include moving large and heavy machinery and transport. 

Looking for a reputable towing service company that can help you out in an emergency is an important task, therefore this short guide provides some useful tips on how to make the right choice. 

Towing Service

Ask For Recommendations

The majority of people you know who own a vehicle have had some experience with a towing company, therefore your friends and family are a fast and trustworthy source of information. They will quickly and honestly let you know their experiences when calling an emergency tow truck which will give you valuable insights into a company’s professionalism and punctuality. To get a good range of recommendations and to cross-check experiences it is best to get recommendations from up to 10 people. 

Read the Reviews

Checking reviews of towing service companies will likely save you money and time as companies with a poor track record can be filtered out and ignored, whilst those with positive reviews can be researched further. 

There are various places online to find reviews of towing companies, with the most popular being Google and Facebook business pages, however, a tow company’s website may also have ratings and comments. In addition to checking overall ratings, reading through the comments section will also give you a good idea of customer satisfaction. 

Do Some Research Online

After finalizing a list of towing companies based on the reviews of previous customers, the next step is to research each company by taking a look at their website and social media accounts. When doing so there are several things you should look for including: 

  • A menu of available services and clear pricing
  • Details of their credentials and licensing
  • Insurance information
  • Business address and contact details
  • Customer reviews and comments 
  • Team information
  • Photographs of their trucks

This will also give you an idea of the equipment and machinery these companies should use to be effective. Looking into a high-quality tow truck for sale and then comparing it to the ones used by potential services will give you a better understanding of the company’s capabilities. For instance, if a company has an old and run-down tow truck for sale that they are still using for their services, it may indicate they do not invest in new equipment or maintain their current vehicles. This could lead to potential delays and damage to your vehicle while being towed.

Judge Their Professionalism 

One good way of predicting how professional and reliable a towing services company will be is to contact them by phone to inquire about their services. Reputable and responsive towing companies should be easy to contact and will show a clear willingness to discuss their credentials and services over the phone or in person. After chatting with each company you should also be able to judge the quality of their customer service. 

Compare Pricing

During phone conversations or via email, it is advisable to ask for more in-depth information about each service including clear pricing. This is important so the shortlist towing service companies can finally be compared by price. However, before making a final decision based on price alone, the pros and cons of each company and the services they provide should also be weighed up. For example, one company may be more costly than the others but provides faster response times and greater coverage.

Towing Service

Unfortunately, accidents and breakdowns are likely to happen when you own a vehicle, leaving the driver inconvenienced and sometimes isolated in poor weather. For this reason, every motorist must find a reputable and reliable towing service company, who they can call for assistance in an emergency. Although choosing the right towing service company is difficult, it can be made much easier by following some useful advice.