Photo by VINICIUS COSTA from Pexels

What’s Going On Under Your Clothes?

So you’ve got your style sorted, you know what suits you and what doesn’t you know what you like and what you don’t, and you know what’s on trend and what’s not. But what is going on under your clothes? Are you still wearing the same old pants you’ve been wearing for years? Is it time you paid your underwear some attention?

Men’s underwear has recently had an overhaul in the fashion industry itself, so it’s time you got on board and had a look to see what you’re missing out on:

Ethical Underwear

Who knew that this was a thing? But with more people considering the ethical values of a company or brand, designers have hopped on trend and are bringing you what you have been asking for. YOU are selling ethical underwear for both men and women made of 100% Fairtrade, organic cotton complete with sewn-in positive messaging. There is a range of styles in black and tan colors, and each purchase gives a pair to someone in need through charity Smalls For All.

Rozenbroek is another option if you’re looking for something more luxury with its handmade, organic cotton men’s boxers. They’re made to order to cut down on overconsumption, made by a team of Yorkshire artisans in a solar-powered factory. They also offer a repair or recycle service to complete the design circle.

It doesn’t stop there; there’s also Ohe, a new menswear brand that creates soft boxers from bamboo, which makes their pants anti-static, anti-fungal and breathable. They even come with stylish, plastic-free packaging to add to the luxury feel, although their pricing is more in line with that of the high street.

Classic Everyday

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Calvin’s. Calvin Klein Stretch Cotton Trunks in a 3-Pack are ideal. The underwear icon, thanks to great advertisements and plenty of celebrity endorsements including the recent campaign from Shawn Mendes offers affordable, comfy and stylish pants to bulk up your everyday supply essentials.

Working Out

For working out, take a look at Nike compression shorts. Not only do they absorb sweat, but they also offer anti-chafing properties that you won’t get in your standard boxer briefs.

For Sleeping In

You can’t go wrong with this classic three-pack plaid offering from Nordstrom, they look great, but they’re also really comfy and perfect for sleeping in.

And For Those Special Occasions

Check out these Crimson Noir Checks Silk Boxers, the lady in your life will love the silky smooth feeling. Made from 100% Taffeta silk, meaning it has a crisper feel than regular woven silk boxers, these particular boxers have more of a feel similar to a cotton boxer, but without the slippery feeling and without sacrificing the luxury or comfort of other silk shorts. They also feature a stretchy elastic waist and a single button fly for convenience and support, and the short outseam and inseam makes these a viable undergarment for everyday wear.