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Disaster On The Road? Here’s What To Do

When somebody else is having trouble on the road, it can be tough to know what to do. You don’t want to make things worse for them, and you certainly don’t want to make things worse for yourself. Below, we’ll discuss what to do if you spot somebody else having trouble. 

When An Emergency Vehicle Is Behind You

We’ve all been there – flashing lights and sirens while we’re on our way to work or even just running errands. Making sure you don’t impede the journey of an emergency vehicle is crucial. Making sure you’re not driving with your music so loud you can’t hear the sirens is so important!

Ensure you give the vehicle a wide berth. You should stop in a suitable place to ensure the vehicle can get past. Avoid blocking junctions or stopping in the middle of the road. If the vehicle has itself stopped, make sure you go around it looking out for people who may be in the area panicking and not paying attention to your car. 

Don’t Panic

Whether there’s an emergency vehicle or there’s another kind of emergency while you’re driving, try your best not to panic. Breathe deeply, and avoid letting your thoughts run away with you. What you do will depend entirely on the circumstances. If a vehicle clearly needs assistance but doesn’t seem to have it, then you should find a safe place to stop and call for help immediately. If an ambulance is required, they will talk you through what to do on the phone. You can quell any fears you have for these types of situations by taking a special driving course

Don’t Break The Law

Whether somebody needs help or not, you should never break the law. Don’t go through a red light or drive into a bus lane. Even if you’re moving out of the way for an emergency vehicle, you can still get into trouble for breaking the law. You will likely end up with points on your license and a huge fine.

Never Block The Hard Shoulder

These situations can be even more stressful on the motorway, but you need to avoid blocking the hard shoulder. If you don’t follow the instructions laid out here, you’ll end up with issues to deal with yourself. At the very least, you may need to pay for windshield repairs before you continue your journey – but the consequences could be much worse. 

Although you may want to help in an emergency situation, often the best thing you can do is stay out of the way if emergency services are already present. If they aren’t, making sure you pull over and call them will make a big difference. Be prepared to follow instructions on the phone – but don’t put yourself in any danger when you do so. By simply moving out of the way safely for an emergency vehicle and keeping your eye out for other emergencies on the road, you could save a life.