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Now Hear This

We have arrived again to fill your body cavities with the best and brightest music the world has to offer. Some new hotness, some moldy oldies, but all killer no filler spring music. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

You need more Texas blues in your life. That’s just a fact. Lightnin’ Hopkins was the undisputed master of this very unique sound, and his utterly smooth guitar picking coupled with his gravel-road delivery created “The Texas Sound” that so profoundly grabs your soul. His catelogue is deep and steller, but to pick just one song leads to the inexorable Jailhouse Blues.

Keeping it old school, the Beta Band cranked out some vicously good tunes, but also a lot of total weirdness. For that reason, it’s not fair to say they are “underrated” or “overlooked”. No, they made some great music and a lot of not-so-great music. But if you are willing to take the time to sort through the not-extensive catalogue to find those gems, it is very worth the journey. Or you can just wait for someone like to us to tell you which tracks to grab.

Stepping out of the Way-Back machine and back into the present, we have this delightful little spring roadtrip song from Alvvays. Filled with sunshine and soaring melodies, “Archie Marry Me” is your prescription for window’s down motoring this warming season. It’s lightweight, non-filling, and slightly frivolous – like a perfect fling. You’ll forget this song in 2 weeks, but for now it just hits the spot.

The Helio Sequence’s new “Stoic Resemblance” is what would happen in Beck ever had a good day. Not that he would. This droning and methodic pop tune harkens back to 50’s surf tunes of old without becoming overtaken with nostalgia. Instead, they layer their wandering guitars underneath abrasive cymbals and a steady beat to make one hell of a song.

Finally ending back on a classic note, I positively DARE you to put this New Order song on and not feel like the king of the world when the lead guitar comes in over the drums during this stellar intro. Go ahead, try. You just failed. Because its a great song that gets you ready to go kick ass and chew bubblegum. You’re welcome.