Mountain Bike Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you’re just getting into the thrills of mountain biking or are already a seasoned veteran of the sport, there are plenty of useful accessories you should know about to get the most out of your rides. When mountain biking, it’s essential that you stay hydrated, this can be accomplished in a fun and easy way by bringing along a water backpack with you. If you want to hit up the mountains or the wilderness for an excursion, it’s a good idea to invest in a car-mounted bike rack to ensure your bikes arrive at the spot in one piece. Mountain bikes are designed to take lots of wear and tear but can still break down like any other bike, so it’s always a good idea to keep around a small repair kit on your bike to make minor repairs practically anywhere. No matter where you go mountain biking, there’s always a chance that someone will try to take your bike, so in order to protect it, it’s prudent to always bring along a dependable bike lock with you when you go biking. This article will go over four mountain bike accessories you didn’t know you needed. 

Water Backpacks

Staying hydrated is an essential part of enjoying any mountain biking excursion, so it’s important to drink plenty of water during your ride. Water bottles are always a good option, but to drink from them, you either have to take one hand of the handlebar or outright stop your bike. Luckily, there are many backpacks on the market with a built-in water bag with a long tube that lets you drink from it without even having to use your hands! These backpacks can also hold several liters of water, which is way more than a traditional water bottle can hold so you can rest assured you’ll have enough water even for the longest of rides. 

Car-Mounted Bike Racks

Many of the best mountain biking locations are located well outside of city limits, so many people opt to drive out to these spots with their bikes. According to the experts at, putting your bikes in the trunk of your truck or back of your truck can damage your bikes when you drive, and the best way of preventing this is by getting a vehicle-mounted bike rack. You can get a rack that fits on the top of your car so you can make sure your bikes arrive in one piece, or you can get a rack that fits on the truck bed of your pick-up trucks to make sure your bikes won’t get jostled around when you drive. 

Bike Repair Pouch 

Bike breakdowns can happen pretty much anytime, anywhere, so it’s critical that you’re prepared for these kinds of situations. One way to keep the good times rolling in the event of a breakdown is by attaching a small bike repair to your bike when you plan on hitter rougher terrain. These small kits will have everything you need to fix minor problems with your gears and even holes in your tires without having to hit up the local bike repair shop!

Bike Lock

Mountain bikes are usually an expensive type of bike to own, so it’s important that you keep it locked securely when you’re not on it to avoid theft, especially if you’re biking in urban areas. Many mountain bikers don’t bring along bike locks with them, but this is an accessory any mountain biker should have with them at all times. Many bikers opt to get a solid “U” shaped lock, but unfortunately, they are very easy to cut with a grinder. If you want a lock that’s really hard to cut, get a flexible chain one as it’s much harder to cut with a grinder or a saw. 

Mountain biking is always a great rush, and luckily there is a wide range of mountain biking accessories that can help make your rides even more enjoyable. Water backpacks are an easy way of staying hydrated during any ride and are essential for any mountain biking enthusiast. Getting a car mounted bike rack will help keep your bikes intact when traveling out to the wilderness to the bike so you can jump right into the action when you arrive. Bikes break down all the time, so having a bike repair pouch on your bike will allow you to conveniently make repairs practically anywhere. Finally, getting a sturdy bike lock is essential for protecting your bike from theft when you’re not using your bike. With these accessories, you can upgrade your mountain biking game to the next level and hit the hills like a real pro.