Important Questions To Ask Before Getting Your Car Window Tinted

Many people that decide to tint their car windows usually deal with similar problems, and you may be a part of the group as well. For instance, the summer came in full force which made your car into an overheated oven and the overall driving is made difficult because of the sunlight which is making you constantly squint and not see the road ahead. Another example. would be that you would need to wait half an hour for your car to cool off before you enter it and feel comfortable inside, or you just want to look cool with tinted window glass. 

So, the next step to fix these issues is to get your vehicle windows filmed. Not only the UV rays which are harmful will be blocked out, but other requirements which made you make such a step will also. However, before deciding on tinting, there are some important questions to ask. Here are some of them. 

Is There A Warranty?

First and foremost, you should ask about the warranties. This should be the number one priority to investigate before tinting. If the tinting service does offer a warranty, most probably they are more credible since it shows their confidence in what they do. Having a warranty is also important in case something unexpected happens with the tints. 

Even if most quality products do have a limited warranty, meaning it does not last forever, it is still crucial to confirm if the selected product comes with any and what the warranty period be before buying the film. make sure that all necessary documentation is filled out by your installer too. 

Which Options Do I Have?

It is important to ask your shop about the options you have at your disposal. After doing so, it would be wise to do detailed research as a second step and see which tinted windows would meet your state regulations, and are they considered to be a driving hazard. The price will vary, have that in mind. It would depend on which material windows are made out of. Also, the cost would depend on what type of window tint you want to have. After accessing everything, you can choose the one that is best for you. These are typical material types for  window tint out there:

  • Carbon Tint
  • Ceramic Tint
  • Dyed Tint
  • Hybrid Tint
  • Metalized Tint

What Does Law Say?

Each state has its own rules when it comes to tinting. For that reason alone, it is of utmost importance to ask about the laws in your area. Some tints can have certain limits in different areas, depending on their darkness level. 

For instance, in Virginia, the front door windows must have over 50 percent of sunlight into a sedan, while the backseat windows need only 35 percent of sunlight which is mandatory to peace through the glass. In the UK, the window next to the driver’s seat should be significantly lighter than for other car windows. 

Are Those Windows Durable Enough? 

Another critical question you should ask is how durable the window tinting will be. In this day and age, a scratch-resistant coating is possible to be applied on window tint films which makes it easier to protect from various disasters. 

The overall lifetime of the tinted window would depend on the climate you live in as well as other factors like product type, quality, and the amount of light the windows are exposed to. Many tints can last over 10 years, and usually, those that are professionally installed and have a high quality, will not only be protected from damage caused by pets, weather conditions, or even children mishaps but will last longer than a typical window would. 

How Long Will The Tinting Process Last?

The process of tinting your car windows can take around 45 minutes, or in some cases for even a few hours. That would depend on how many windows are actually being tinted. In case you are adding a window tint only to the two front sides of the door, the installation process will be much faster than if you would desire for instance to make a full installation. 

It would be advisable to make the arrangements with a professional window firm dealer so you could determine whether the work is done as well as possible first and as a side note, to make a plan for a ride on the day you decide to make the tinting appointment. 

Have in mind that the dealer may want to keep your car for at least half a day so he could complete the job in the best possible way.  That will allow the film to dry up before the vehicle is back in your possession. 

As shown, there are multiple important questions that need to be asked when considering window tinting for your vehicle, instead of only focusing on how cool your car will look.  Since tinting is a more complex process than one may think, it is crucial to have solid knowledge and understanding of what else is involved in the process. 
Before deciding on such a step, ask yourself these questions and make an educated decision on which tinting service would be the best for you and for your needs.