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7 Delicious Ways To Drink Your Morning Coffee

We all know that your morning coffee is the best part of waking up, but sometimes we need a little more than just a cup of joe to get us going in the morning. That is why we have listed seven delicious ways to drink your morning coffee, so you can start your day off right. From cold brew or iced latte to the perfect americano or cappuccino, there is something here for everyone. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your morning cup of coffee in one of these simple but delicious ways.

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1. Cold Brew

This is one of the most popular and trendy ways to make your morning brew and the best part is you can make it the evening before! Simply combine ground coffee and water in a ratio between 1:4 and 1:10 in a large jar or container and stir. Then, cover the container and let it sit at room temperature overnight.

In the morning, give it a final stir, then strain the liquid into another jar. Then, you can take a cup for your morning drink and store any leftovers in your fridge for up to 2 weeks. For the best results, mix 1 part cold brew concentrate with 1 part water or milk over ice. 

2. Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is the perfect way to enjoy your morning cup of joe on a hot day. There are a few different ways to make iced coffee, including the one above. But if you do not have time to make cold brew, you can put regular coffee in the fridge overnight or use instant coffee.

Once you have your cold coffee, you can choose your flavorings. Keep it simple with just milk and sugar, or get creative with syrups and spices. Popular flavors include vanilla and cinnamon, caramel and hazelnut, or even pumpkin spice for fall.

3. Americano

If you prefer a warm cup of morning coffee and do not have time for all the bells and whistles, you will simply need to perfect your americano. By choosing a great-tasting coffee bean and brewing it to perfection, you can make your basic americano the tastiest coffee of your day. An artisan Maui Coffee made simply is a treat for your senses of smell and taste. You cannot go wrong with an americano.

4. Espresso

This is another option for coffee lovers who like a simple drink in the morning. An espresso offers the coffee content of an americano but in a much shorter drink. Espressos are a great option for people who tend to be in a rush in the morning, or who like to experience the concentrated and intense flavor of their favorite coffee.

5. Cappuccino

If you prefer a smoother and longer drink, with a less intense finish, a cappuccino is your ideal drink. With warm milk and a top layer of fluffy, delicious coffee foam, a cappuccino offers comfort and warmth in the morning. For those of you who prefer milk to foam, a latte is probably ideal. Add some chocolate powder on top to complete the drink.

6. Mocha

Take that chocolate finish one step further in the morning and make yourself a steaming mocha. This is a half coffee, half hot chocolate drink, similar to a latte. The chocolatey undertones of mocha are particularly welcome in cold winter months as they have a festive feel and warm the body from the inside. 

7. Flavored Syrups

Finally, flavored syrups go very well in iced , as we have explained above, but they also complement a latte or an americano very nicely, if you are in need of a warm, comforting morning drink. For those of you with a sweet tooth, flavored syrups, which come in a range of flavors, can complete your morning coffee, however, you take it.

These syrups are what tend to make big chain coffee shops’ drinks so delicious and memorable.

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Hopefully, this guide to 7 awesome ways to drink your morning coffee has inspired you to get creative and adventurous with your first drink of the day. We have listed something for everyone and for every weather. In the hot summer months, cold brew and iced coffee are ideal choices. Add syrups if you have a sweet tooth. For Fall, make yourself a pumpkin-spiced latte, and in winter, explore the chocolatey flavors of mocha. Remember, if you like your coffee simple, you cannot go wrong with an americano, an espresso, or a cappuccino. Enjoy your morning drink and do not be afraid to try new ways to enjoy your coffee!