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How to Source for the Best Spare Auto Parts in UAE

Finding the best spare auto parts in the UAE is essential for anyone who owns a car. Plenty of places online sell these parts, but not all carry quality products or offer competitive prices. If you need a spare tire, windshield wiper fluid, or even some fresh air freshener for that musty smell, then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of places where buyers can get these items at great prices.

The key is to do your homework and find out which stores offer the best deals on whatever you want before heading over. This list should make your search more accessible and more stress-free.

Here are ten tips on how to source the best spare auto parts in UAE:

Compare Prices Online before Buying

Search online for spare automotive parts dealers in Dubai by checking out customer reviews on some sites. Once you’ve selected a potential candidate, it would be wise to check out their websites and compare prices. Remember that it’s not the cheapest price tag that wins you over, but the dealer’s quality of service and support.

Find Out What Part You Need Instantly Using A Calculator

Another step towards finding great deals on spare automotive parts is knowing what parts you need, whether maintenance or repairs. Select your car, choose your model, enter your registration number, and hit ‘find my part.’ The site should give you all the information about the product, including:

  • Price range
  • Name of the brand selling it
  • Image
  • Detailed description
  • Product features
  • Compatibility details
  1. Visit social media and review sites to gather inputs and suggestions.

The best automotive part suppliers in UAE are more active on the internet, especially on popular social media sites where they have:

  • Profiles
  • Pages
  • Groups of their own

You can get a good idea about these dealers based on the number of followers on Facebook and Twitter; how many ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ do their posts get on these networks?

You must also check out company websites because they provide detailed information about replacement parts, including prices, specs, etc. Also, experts at K&N Spare auto parts UAE state that checking company websites will help you find a trustworthy website. You can also read through comments from actual buyers who may have used a dealer’s services recently. Users who post negative comments about an automotive parts dealer are usually the car owners who received poor service or failed to receive some promised benefits.

If you find a website with too many negative comments then you should probably find another alternative since you may end up getting bad services. Websites with good comments show the effort the company is willing to make to ensure that the customers’ needs are met and therefore, you will receive the best services.

Browse through the site for what you are looking for

This step is crucial because it can save you a lot of time by giving you an idea about all the parts available on the website. For instance, if you are searching for car tires in the UAE, click on the ‘tires’ categories. You will find new and used car tires, their sizes, brands, etc. You also get to see how much they cost on the site itself, which makes comparing between different sellers easy.

Check Online Forums and Discussion Boards

You can also check online forums and discussion boards for spare automotive parts, as many of those communities have classifieds sections or pinned posts where members trade different things. This is a cost-efficient option if you want to source for both new and second-hand spare car parts.

Ask Your Friends and Family Members First

If your friends or family members know anything about cars, then they may recommend dealers with whom they’ve had good experiences in the past. You can go directly to these people or ask them for referrals instead, depending on the type of relationship you have with them.

Ask your Local Mechanic or Workshop

Your local mechanic or workshop is often an excellent place to start sourcing spare auto parts in Dubai. These professionals usually work with dealers and suppliers. So, they can give you referrals if they know a reliable dealer who offers a wide selection of great products at affordable rates. You shouldn’t be shy about asking, as mechanics and workshops offer these services, anyway. This saves you time and money in the long run because you won’t need to go around looking for spare car parts all by yourself.

Contact Your Local Supplier or Seller Nearby Using the Map Locator

The next step is crucial. The website has categorized sellers according to their location in the country. Contacting sellers makes it easy for you to contact your local seller and find out about discounts and deals. If you want to check out a specific product from a particular supplier before visiting them, you can always call the contacts given on the detail page of that seller.

Visit Car Shops that Supply Great Products

Car shops that supply significant aftermarket spare auto parts are also good places to source for details. These shops usually have extensive selections in their warehouses, or they can get them within a few days if the items are not in stock. You will need to pay premium prices at these shops because they have higher overheads.

Shop around Your Preferred Parts Dealer

If you already have a preferred spare automotive parts dealer in Dubai, then it makes sense to shop around there, too. They might have some discounted products, special offers, or exclusive deals that could save you money and time. Check out any new additions every month so you don’t miss out on anything that might interest you.

Buy Spare Car Parts Using a Credit Card

If your budget allows it, why not use a credit card for your purchases? Some dealers offer discounts on spare car parts if you pay using a credit card. They also offer points or cashback besides refunds if you go through a unique scheme with the retailer. This is something worth checking out when comparing prices to different dealers.

Order Online or Make A Call to Place an Order

The final step is easy-just click on ‘buy now or visit the seller and make a call-in order to place an order. Buying spare automotive parts in Dubai online is not only cheap but convenient too. You can choose from different brands and compare prices depending on your preferences.


There are several ways to find the right parts for your car. You can start by comparing prices online before buying. Find out what feature you need using a calculator. Browse through the site for what you’re looking for, and read reviews from other customers on social media or review sites.

It’s important to know that there will be different variations of the same product with extra features. So read descriptions carefully. If it is too hard to figure out which one would work best for you, contact a local supplier nearby who will help guide you in picking up the right auto parts. Alternatively, use an online store where they have many spare parts available.