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How To Develop A Sense Of Fashion That Matches Your Personality

It feels good to step out looking your best and feeling confident about your sense of fashion. But for most people, this is still a dream they haven’t managed to make a reality, even after trying different fashion trends. But the secret to looking your best does not lie in the latest fashion trend or trying to dress like someone you admire. The key to looking great is staying true to who you are and your style – but you will first need to find that style. And that is where this article comes in. So, have you found yourself admiring how put-together someone’s fashion style is and wishing you could do the same for yourself? Why don’t you instead take the time to develop a style suited to your personality? Try the following tips.

Find your source of inspiration

The first thing you need to do is find a source of fashion inspiration. That could come from the type of clothing and accessories you love or which ones make you feel comfortable. It could also come from the people whose sense of fashion you admire. It is, however, essential to note that taking inspiration from the way someone dresses should not necessarily mean copying their fashion style in every way. Take the time to observe the various fashion trends and find out which ones appeal to you. From casual outfits to more executive ones, decide which ones you will rather avoid. 

Pick the right accessories

Whether it is that perfect timepiece, bracelet, or necklace, the right accessories always make a tone of difference in improving your looks and bringing it together. However, it would be best if you were careful not to overdo the accessories – less is more, in this case. The most important thing is to ensure that you always purchase your accessories from the right dealers to ensure they are quality and last long. For example, if you love Rolex watches, take the time to find a genuine Rolex dealer instead of purchasing from any online store or street corner option you come across.

Take stock

It is pretty easy to lose yourself in the waves of inspirations that may come storming through your mind as you hunt for fashion styles and ideas for yourself. From social media platforms and personalities to fashion magazines and blogs, there are so many sources of inspiration available to you. However, you need to ensure that you take stock of every fashion idea, trend, or style you love. You can take photos of the outfits you want or even write down ideas that come into your mind, as you will need to refer to them later. Once you take stock, regularly revisit them and evaluate the options you have. 

Get the right fit

Believe it or not, you can quickly solve 90% of your fashion problems simply by getting clothes that fit perfectly on you – not too tight, not too loose. Even the current trend of oversized clothing is supposed to fit, only in an ‘oversized’ way. When your clothes don’t fit properly, they tend to throw off your body proportions and make you look unkempt or even sloppy. It’s worth getting your feet measured properly too, so if you buy heels, or even a barefoot dress shoe, you know you’re getting the perfect fit.

Choose the colors that work for you

Almost everyone has a favorite color or two. But the fact that you love a particular color does not necessarily mean it will look great on you. It would be best to find the right balance between the colors you feel more comfortable in and the ones that will look good on you. An excellent place to start is the color or shade of your skin. A basic rule of thumb is to stick with colors or color combinations that match your skin tone. While there are different skin tones, you can only choose from two prominent undertones – warm or cool. After deciding which colors work best for your skin type, you can find creative ways to incorporate the colors you love or feel comfortable wearing.

Experiment with unique combinations

You want to create a unique sense of fashion for you – a signature style. So, while it is vital to apply all the color and size rules, you shouldn’t hesitate to try out combinations that bring out your uniqueness. Finding the perfect personal style involves taking the time to experiment with different combinations until you find the right ones. That means you need to have a lot of patience, be prepared to change your mind when a variety doesn’t work, and be willing to match different fashion elements.