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5 Essential Things to Consider Before Choosing a Retirement Home

One of the most important life decisions that we can make for our elders is deciding what kind of retirement home would be better for them. You might have heard about the terms of assisted living and independent living. Both kinds of retirement homes are for elders who don’t need 24/7 skilled nurses around them. Also, typically, elderly citizens who qualify for either independent living or assisted living don’t have memory issues, such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Independent living mostly provides the seniors with a facility to live in, whereas the assisted living provides the seniors living in the community with help in their daily chores. This kind of assistance is typically not available at independent retirement communities. Assisted living incorporates medical assistance, with the medical staff being available at all times.

That said, you will have to evaluate the health and state of the elderly citizens before choosing the best retirement style for them. Here are five things to consider before selecting a suitable retirement community:


If your parent or the senior citizen wants a fine meal every day, it is recommended to check in with the respective community’s dining services. Also, in independent living, sometimes the senior citizen wouldn’t want to cook, which can often happen as one gets old.

You will have to determine whether a dedicated chef and kitchen staff are available at the respective retirement community. Is the food cooked and prepared within specific hours of the day? Does the retirement house have the facility of a cafeteria? Food quality and how and when it is served should be an important consideration during your retirement home assessment.


While you check in with the prospect retirement home, assess the provided facilities to the elderly citizens. For instance, you might want to check whether they have a backyard, a common room, exercise facility, religious services, etc.

A retirement home shouldn’t be a mere self-contained unit to live for the elderly, but it should work as an extension of society and the regional community itself, such as Sienna Living. Seniors need to get plenty of daylight exercise and other health-related options.

Good and reputed retirement homes conduct yoga classes to keep the residents healthy and fit. Check the residential retirement area for swimming pools, gymnasium, and space for the recreational purpose where seniors can socialize with other residents.

Pet Policy

Different retirement homes have different policies regarding pets. There is the possibility that a senior citizen might never have owned a pet their entire life. However, those citizens will have to go through heartbreaks if their retirement home won’t allow them to take their cat or dog with them to their new residence. Therefore, it is essential to check out the pet policies of the prospective retirement homes before moving. This is specifically crucial for those seniors who have a pet.

24/7 Help Opportunity

We fully understand that senior citizens who are physically well and don’t have memory issues, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, might not require much help. However, it is recommended for their peace of mind to ensure that help will be granted if they will need it. For instance, seniors might need help with carrying groceries or with moving certain items around the house. Whatever the reason is, it is recommended to select a retirement home that comprises both options of independent and assisted living.

Welcoming Family Visits

Choose a retirement community that welcomes family visits. Suppose you are visiting the town with your kids. Naturally, you would want the kids to visit their grandparents. Believe it or not, but there are retirement communities that restrict visits which can be quite frustrating for the elderly citizens. Therefore, make sure to know all of their visiting policies before choosing a retirement home.