6 Relaxing Ways to Pamper Your Cat

Cats do a lot for their owners. Hanging out with cats can help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Even though some are naturally aloof, cats will often become close to their owners when they sense distress. So what can you do for your furry friend to show them that you appreciate them? There are many ways through which you can make your cat understand that you love them. In this article, we discuss six ways through which you can express your love to your cat. 

  1. Massage Your Cat

If your cat loves being massaged, do not be afraid to indulge. As a way to show your affection, massage your furry friend. A massage can help strengthen the emotional connection between a cat and its owner. Further, it can be helpful for older cats that suffer from arthritis as it stimulates the lymphatic, nervous, and circulatory systems of the cat. Set the mood for a massage so that you ease your cat into the process. You can start by playing soothing music and use cat-safe essential oils to massage your kitty gently. 

Start with a gentle touch and massage the cat in areas where they are comfortable. Many cats love to be rubbed on the back, so it would be a good place to start, watch your cat’s body language, and you will discover what they like. Try a cat brush to maximize the experience of massaging your cat. 

  1. Play With Them

Playing with your cats might seem counterproductive, but when cats are inactive and bored, they become destructive and anxious. Playing is, therefore, relaxing for them. Mental and physical stimulation is an integral part of cat relaxation because it helps your fur baby get rid of any nervousness. You can buy your cat toys such as lasers for them to chase or you can buy a ball and play fetch. Additionally, you can make some toys using household items if you have some extra time or are a little stretched for money. For your cat, it will only matter that you spent some quality time together. 

  1. Take a Day Off

Did you know that your cat feels stressed every time you walk out of the door and leave them behind? As a cat owner, it is quite common to feel guilty when you have to place your furry friend aside so that you can start preparing for work in the morning. If you can, you can call in and let them know that you will not be coming to work for the day. Take this time to cuddle and enjoy some sleep with your kitty, and they will certainly be thankful, even if they do not say it. Your furry friend will be happy to have you for the day and will feel pampered. 

  1. Giving Them a Meal

There are many choices of cat food in the market, and probably, your cat eats drier than wet foods. If you want to pamper your cat, you may have to diversify their diet, even for a day or two. Ensure that you choose a meal that is balanced and complete so that your kitty is enjoying himself while getting the most nutrition out of it. You can talk to your vet or do an online search if you need more detailed tips concerning what is good for your cat. Consider any specific health problems that your cat may have before buying him a special treat to ensure that they are not getting anything harmful to their bodies. You may spend a little more, but your cat will feel loved and pampered with a slight change in diet.

  1. Naptime

Cats love to take naps together right from the time they are kittens. It is not uncommon to find them piling on top of each other and snuggling closely for some extra comfort and warmth. Snuggling with your fur baby helps you create a bond with them and also shows that they love and trust you. So the next time your cat curls up next to you for a nap, feel confident that they love and trust you. Join him/her in the nap, and you will both wake up refreshed. 

  1. Catnip

Catnip is a treat for cats, and they love it. Your cat may enjoy it, but be sure that you only offer small amounts of catnip at one time so that you can monitor your cat’s reaction. You will be happy to see your cat rolling around, smashing his head into the area they suspect where the catnip is and drooling. As cat owners, everything they do is a recipe for happiness. 

Giving love and affection to your cats is a good way to show them just how much you appreciate them. Above, we have highlighted some ways to pamper your cat. Following these tips will ensure that your kitty feels appreciated and happy.