How To Properly Care For An Expensive Watch

For many people, their watch does a lot more than simply telling the time. Their watch is a statement, an accessory, and often also a sentimental object which is why it’s also often one of the items that people tend to spend some serious money on. However, buying an expensive watch means committing to looking after it, so how should you care for it?

Keep the box

You’ve got your new watch home and naturally, the first thing you want to do is wear it, but don’t throw away that box. Your watches box is designed to protect it and should you ever need to store the watch or travel with it then you will want somewhere safe to keep it. Your watches box can also add value to your watch if you were ever to sell it, so it’s worth keeping a hold of. 

Know its water limits

Before jumping into a pool or even getting in the shower have you checked to make sure your watch is waterproof? Some watches are only splash-proof whereas others can survive water exposure at much higher pressures, check with the manufacturer to make sure you understand your watches limits before exposing it to water. If you do wear your watch in water then remember to dry it off carefully to keep it looking its best. Finally, if you ever have your watch repaired or services be sure to check that it has been properly resealed otherwise it may no longer be as waterproof as it first was. 

Have your watch serviced

Just like a car, your watch is a collection of intricate moving parts that should be serviced to ensure that they all continue to work effectively. Watch technicians are professionals in their field and will be able to take apart your watch safely to make sure that its inner workings are all in good order. You should never try to open your watch yourself as you could cause more damage to it. Try to have your watch serviced every 2-3 years to keep it in top order. 

Clean your watch regularly 

Dirt, grease and other natural substances can easily damage the band and face of your watch. Gently clean your watch as often as you can using a soft cloth this will remove any fingerprints, any build-up of dirt and any dead skin cells that may have collected on it to ensure that your watch stays looking as good as new. 

Steer clear of magnets

Magnets can affect the timekeeping abilities of your watch and even stop it from ticking. Don’t wear your watch around magnets and if you suspect that it is no longer accurate then have it checked out by a professional. 

Wear your watch

This may seem obvious but wearing your watch is actually very important to it to run correctly, , especially for watches which rely on perpetual movement to keep them wound. If a watch is left just sitting for two long lubricants within it can harden and the internal mechanisms can be damaged.