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Brooks Running: Spring ’14 Heritage Collection

Showing off my pair of Vantage shoes my friends were all quick to point out to me that I don’t run, but unbeknown to them the Spring ‘14 Heritage Collection was made for those, like me, who live a life of leisure.

Based on the 1976 designs of Brooks Running Company’s classic Vanguard and Vantage styles Brooks has issued an updated take on both styles to commemorate their 100th anniversary. Additionally, the two styles are being used to launch the company’s lifestyle line which comes just in time for casual, yet put together, looks of spring and summer.

With two styles to choose from I chose the Vantage for one main reason: the Vanguard reminded me too much of the classic Adidas Samba. Don’t get me wrong, the details are subtle but the suede T-toe and cream colored round treads were enough to dredge up memories of my childhood Sambas which is a look I’m not going for as an adult. The mesh and leather combination combined with the black soles of the Vantage gave me the casual and cleaned up look I was interested in for a shoe for warmer days ahead.

VANTAGE, Brooks, Running, Vanguard
Brooks Vantage

I should reiterate that I don’t run, so everything about this shoe from a running company was new to me. I come from a world of sneakers on casual days and ankle boots when I need to dress it up a bit so I had no idea that a shoe could be so light. Almost as though through technology and/or black magic they created a shoe that felt lighter to me than when I have no shoes on at all. Additionally, the mesh allowed for my feet to breath in a way you don’t experience with solid leather shoes. Simply put, they’re the most comfortable shoes I own.