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Straps hold luggage down, bras on, and watches around your wrist. Straps have done this last job for 150 years, and they’ve done an admirable job, yet you can’t tell me that watch straps have changed all that much in the last century. You can still get metal link, leather, silicon, or a nylon NATO strap in solid colors – or maybe a stripe or two if you’re really lucky. Well thank God VARIO is here to change that.

Founded by a graphic designer, VARIO produces high-quality NATO watch straps with any kind of personality you can imagine. From businessman plaid to honest-to-God macaron polka dots; if you can’t find a strap to dress up your tired watch, you ain’t got style son.

We’ve tried out a few of their straps, along with several other brands and types, and we’ve found the VARIO watch straps to be comfortable, well made, and durable after much abuse. It is longevity that has doomed many of the straps we’ve tested over the years, with clasps failing, nylon fraying, or size holes stretching. We’ve encountered none of these problems with the VARIO straps. Until they start making luggage and bra straps, the most stylish straps you’ll find will be on your wrist.

Adam Kaslikowski
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