The Most Common Road Accident Causes

It’s not enough to be a “safe driver.” To be truly equipped to handle risks on the road, then you should be aware of what those risks are, as well as what you can do to mitigate them. As such, here we’re going to look at what risks you should avoid at all costs when you’re out on the road.



Everyone is capable (and likely) of speeding at some point.  You can take steps to prevent yourself from speeding, such as using driving apps that track your performance on the road, as well as GPSes that let you know what you are compared to the local speed limit at a glance. However, if you do get in trouble for speeding, having a dashcam can help you show when it is due to the present conditions on the road, rather than an active choice of your own.


All drivers should know the dangers of driving while distracted, but it is well known that young and inexperienced drivers are more likely to find themselves distracted. This can include being with passengers who make too much noise, spending time looking at your phone when you shouldn’t, and even dealing with stress on the road. If you find your attention slipping from the road, you should take the time to stop and identify what caused it. Those causes need to be removed if they can’t be managed.

Lack of situational awareness

Even if your focus is on the road, it’s easy for a few mistakes to see a lapse in judgment. For instance, if you’re not aware of your blindspot or not paying enough attention to how people drive around you, it can lead to you finding yourself in a situation that has become dangerous through no action of your own. Defensive driving lessons can teach you to better recognize the conditions of the road around you and help you learn how to remove yourself from risky situations.

Other drivers

As mentioned, sometimes you have little control over your own safety on the road. Defensive driving can help, but sometimes all it can do is mitigate the damage of an incident. As such, you have to be ready to defend your rights and act in the event of a road incident, with the help of a car accident lawyer. Otherwise, you could see yourself paying for collisions that are not your fault.

Driving under the influence

Just like driving, more people partake in drinking and driving than you might think. The best way to avoid this issue is to take a zero-tolerance approach. If you plan on having one drink, don’t have access to your keys. Even a single drink is enough to affect your judgment and reactions enough in a fast-paced situation that you can be in trouble.

You can’t control every factor that can lead to an incident on the road. However, with the list above, you can make sure that you’re better prepared to handle what comes your way. Hopefully, you don’t need to rely on this information too often.