Oh Bros…You So Silly

As you might imagine, we see a slew of great and innovative products come across our desks here at Factory. But with the rise of the crowdsource funding, it has seemed some products are just a bit far fetched, common, and lacking real innovation. Most often, they are great ideas that need more refinement, while other times it’s the same product we have seen a million times before, all put under the guise of creativity when in actuality they are attempting to start something with minimal risks to themselves. And that’s okay, and we support the notion most times. We rarely write about these as we like being able to review the products we share, to give you an honest look at what products are on the market.

But this, well, we have to talk about.

Do we really need to be crowdfunding a tank top with Velcro so it can be easily ripped off during celebration? Positively, no. We don’t need more products that are perpetuating the frat boy lifestyle, highlighting the chauvinistic attitudes that are paired with these kinds of products.

This is a tank top. With Velcro. It is not innovative, revolutionary, mind blowing, or needed by anyone ever. It is a tank top with a cut up the side, something that can be assembled by a monkey in a WalMart parking lot for less than $10. But this company, GoBro (not to be mistaken with GoBros online sock store), feel the need to attempt to raise $24,000 in a crowdsource campaign to make these.

Just. No. Never.