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How to Bring a Slice of Home to the Workplace

People spend at least 40 hours a week at the office, which for many of them becomes literally a second home, of course, if the working environment has a sought-after family feel. It’s common knowledge that the overall atmosphere of a workplace has a huge impact on productivity, hence no wonder more and more employers are looking to offer their employees a truly comfortable workspace. 

While the great bulk of employees try to create a home feel by personalizing their desks and bringing photos of their family or loved ones, it’s on the employer to spice up an overly formal look (and feel) of the premises with cozy twists and turns. Here is how to bring a slice of home to the workplace and make everyone happy and satisfied with their job.

Introduce More Flexible Rules

It’s okay to have various policies and rules that are a must but why not think them over – we bet you will find some space for flexibility. For instance, if your company sticks to a strict business dress code, you can offer your employees casual days (or a day) when they can slip into something comfier than a business suit that always comes with a tie. Friday seems the perfect fit for a casual day, doesn’t it?

In addition to that, it’s a good idea not to throw upon people who move around and share positive vibes, of course, if they still complete their tasks in a timely manner. Nobody can feel home pinned to the desk for eight hours in a row, therefore consider giving your employees some room for hobnobbing at the office.

Rethink The Break Room

A break room is arguably the most favorite space of all the employees. Well, if it is not the case in your office, then you should do something about it as soon as possible. It’s great that your break room can brag of a microwave and a fridge but certainly not enough to make it a popular spot where everyone feels home. Have you ever wondered why the kitchen is the heart of every house? Oh yes, people tend to form their social bonds around food and it’s natural for them to chat and laugh during delicious lunch or dinner, at the same time reducing stress and anxiety.

However, nothing can compare to a steaming cup of coffee able to work miracles, making people happy, alert, and, what’s the most important, ready to do their best at work. Just make sure every employee is able to get his/her favorite beverage and coffee time can easily become a real game-changer for your business – aroma-riched whole beans and a quality commercial coffee grinder is a combination that makes wonders. Someone who drinks scrumptious espresso or a creamy latte would hardly be happy with a tasteless black variant of something you call coffee, that is why a top-notch coffee making equipment is crucial for the whole plot if you want to relish the same gorgeous taste and aroma as at that fancy coffee shop around the corner.

Go With Natural Lightning

According to numerous studies, natural light brings a plethora of health benefits reducing the risk of headaches and eye strain. In addition to that, it has a great ability to boost mood and make people feel happy. Nobody wants to spend the whole day in the dimly lit, gloomy rooms that trigger depression and anxiety, therefore try to provide your employees with a bright space enliven by abundant natural light. If your office has not been designed in a way to provide a decent amount of sunlight, then you need to facilitate a welcome environment with the help of artificial lighting that mimics natural light, which anyway can’t get the job done alone. Consider using desktop task lights that emit light in the spectrum closest to natural daylight and install light dimmers that adjust automatically in accordance with the amount of light present in the room. 

Bring In Plants

You’d be surprised to see how just a little bit of greenery can change the feel of the workspace, making it a much more pleasant place to be. You can think of investing both in plants for the desks and wider space, but keep in mind that you will need to consult your employees before bringing in a colorful wonder. Some of your employees may be allergic to certain plants, hence do not hesitate to discuss the topic with the whole team and figure out the most suitable options.

As you can see, making a workplace „second home“ is not that challenging. In fact, all you need is to create a welcome atmosphere inherited to happy families – and now you know how to do it!