Somethings just go great together: peanut butter and jelly, thunder and lightning, Kim and Kanye, and now Double Chocolate Raspberry Nitro Stout by Fort Collins Brewery with vanilla ice cream. It is well known that stouts mixed with ice cream is an unbeatable combination but with this pairing we have found the king of the crossover.


Double Chocolate Raspberry Nitro Stout is a full bodied brew that pours a rich dark brown with micro-sized nitrogen carbonation barely visible to the naked eye under a thick white head with a hazelnut tinge. When you add a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream the nitrogen carbonation dances around the newly introduced sugar source building a bit of a frothy blanket around the top of the glass that releases a bouquet of rich scents. Taking the first sip brings an avalanche of amazing flavors; the chocolate base is melded perfectly with rich vanilla overtones from the ice cream while the caramel notes from the malt ties it all together extremely well. The concoction finishes stronger than any I have ever had with lingering raspberry notes stick to your tongue long after the drink is finished. Picking different stout to ice cream ratios as you consume this decadent treat allows you to play with the complex flavor interactions in a way impossible with just beer alone.


Double Chocolate Raspberry Nitro Stout by Fort Collins Brewery with vanilla ice cream is not a drink nor is it a dessert, it is an experience in of itself. Find your lover, grab a fresh pint, a scoop of ice cream and experience the best pairing of sin that Colorado has to offer.