6 Things We All Need to Remember to Clean

Cleaning your house can be very rewarding. It’s a great way to release some pent-up energy, and when you are done, you can bask in its cleanliness. While cleaning your house, you will find yourself focusing on certain areas and cleaning certain rooms before others. The usual tasks performed in a cleaning routine include vacuuming the floor and scrubbing surfaces. In the midst of your cleaning spree, you will likely overlook some items and areas in your house that you might not realize need regular cleaning. 

Here are 6 things we all need to remember to clean.

1- Washing Machines


Ensuring the cleanliness of your washing machine is one of the things that might not have crossed your mind, seeing as how they are intended for cleaning your clothes. However, cleaning your washing machine is very important to ensure that it continues to properly serve its purpose. This is mainly because a washing machine can get particularly damp, especially if the door is left shut between cycles, leading to a build-up of mold and bacteria. Dishwashers are also prone to similar issues, perhaps even more so due to the fact that food remains can easily get stuck in it. To properly clean your washing machine and dishwasher without damaging them, make sure you refer to the manufacturer’s manual for assistance.

2- Buttons & Switches

Anything with a button or switch is typically intended for frequent use throughout the course of one day. Just think about how many times a day you or other household members touch the buttons on your remote controls, or how many times the lights are switched on or off. No matter how clean you think your hands are when touching these buttons or switches, germs and bacteria will still spread with each interaction, not to mention the build-up of dust that accumulates between the cracks. That being said, it is important that you make a habit out of cleaning anything with a button or switch, such as remote controls, light switches, and computer keyboards, to ensure that they are germ-free.

3- Air Conditioners

While air conditioners might not be one of the things that are often overlooked, they are usually not cleaned as frequently as they should be. You need to keep in mind that air conditioners work non-stop to keep your house at a comfortable temperature, and if they are not clean, then they will blow a lot of dust into your house. One of the key things you need to learn is how to clean air conditioner filters, which are there to remove contaminants and provide better air quality. This means that all of those contaminants will be trapped in the filter itself. That’s why you need to make sure that you regularly clean air conditioners, and their filters, to ensure they continue to function efficiently.

4- Pillows

Whether they are bedroom pillows or decorative throw pillows, you need to be aware that they harbor a lot of dirt, sweat, and bacteria. While bedroom pillows, in particular, do have removable cases that are regularly replaced, the pillows themselves are still prone to getting pretty filthy. The cases on the pillows allow oils and bacteria to seep through, which is why you need to clean your pillows regularly to ensure that they are dust- and germ-free, and can provide the comfort you have come to expect from them.

5- Trash Cans

You would think that replacing the garbage bags every day is enough to keep your trash cans clean, but that is not true. Similar to the issue with the pillows, garbage bags do not completely protect trash cans from getting dirty. If you don’t take the trash out as often as you should, liquids will most likely seep from the garbage bag into the trash can, not to mention that bits and pieces of garbage can accidentally fall into the trash can. Clean your trash cans regularly to avoid any unpleasant smells and minimize contamination in that area, and consider renting commercial bins for large amounts of garbage.

6- Ceiling Fixtures


Ceiling fixtures such as fans or lighting are typically out of reach, meaning that they can be easily forgotten, or rather ignored. But just because you do not notice them does not mean that they are not accumulating piles on piles of dust. Moreover, ceiling fans will spread dust across the room the moment they are turned on. By regularly cleaning ceiling fixtures, you can ensure that the rest of the house is kept clean, while also preserving the integrity of these fixtures.

It can be pretty easy to forget to clean some things in your house, whether because they are out of reach, are not frequently used, or because you do not think that they actually need cleaning. By attending to these 6 items and appliances, you can ensure the cleanliness of your home, and that it is a safe, germ-free environment for you and your family.