Colombian Coffee types of coffee beans on brown woven basket
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How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Colombian Coffee

Why do we love Colombian coffee so much? It’s a beverage enjoyed by people from all cultures and classes, in all walks of life. It’s one of the first things most of us think of as soon as we wake up. So why we love coffee so much is a question not without the answer – there are just so many of them. 

First, coffee tastes great. Its bitter flavor in the morning is an absolute blast of energy. That’s particularly true for blends made of Colombian crops. These are grown in an area that has a perfect climate that is conducive to these gentle crops. Plenty of sunny days and just the right amount of moisture are the perfect combination to get raw beans full of flavor.

Next, coffee is healthy. People generally have prejudices towards healthy things because they think they will not taste good. Colombian coffee is a prime example of why this bias is not always true.

Besides the fantastic aroma, coffee also healing powers. Besides caffeine, coffee contains many other substances that have a positive effect on your health. So this little drink can be good for your heart, brain, liver, digestive tract, blood vessels, skin, etc. You can find more health benefits on this page.

Buy A Quality Blend

All Colombian blends vary greatly in the quality of their taste, aroma, acidity, as well as their caffeine content. A true coffee lover can’t quickly choose one without giving it some serious thought. That gives you enough reasons to try different brews and find your favorite.

Colombian coffee mostly produced with Arabica beans. The South American climate is ideal for growing this species, which is distinguished by its sweet and light taste. It also has less caffeine but more pungent acidic notes. That’s why all Colombian blends give rich, sweet-smelling brews. When you drink them, you can feel fruity aromas spilling out. 

Buy It Fresh

Many think of Arabica as the superior bean in the world of coffee. Look for this label when buying Colombian coffee. Arabica can be roasted in a variety of ways. Dark roasts perfectly emphasize the aromas of these beans, but lighter roasts can be just as good. Find a trustworthy roaster or, if you can, do the process yourself. But beware, poor roasting can ruin even the best Arabica beans.

Coffee will preserve its quality if you store it properly. It is best to buy beans freshly roasted, in an amount that is enough for you for a week. If the beans sit longer than that, it will most likely lose its taste and strength. A grinding machine is an excellent investment because you can grind as much coffee as you need for each brew in just a few seconds.

Tips on roasting find can be found here:

Do It The Colombian Way

You may be surprised by the fact that Colombian coffee is not the best in Colombia. This country exports its best beans to the rest of the world. Beans of a poorer quality stay in their domestic market. Yet, Colombians have a unique way of preparing this drink to make it the most delicious in the world.

These people also have a specific culture of drinking coffee. For them, it’s not just a hot beverage that will wake you up in the morning. They drink it throughout the day, in fairly large quantities. Its strength varies depending on the time of the day and occasion. Colombians often enrich their brew with milk, which further dilutes it.

For the right Columbian way of making coffee, you need an aluminum pot. Natives call it olleta, and it’s only used for making hot beverages. The size is often enough for one generous cup. Fill your olleta with water and bring it to a boil. When that happens, put a full teaspoon of the Colombian blend of your choice into it. Now, let them boil together.

While the mixture is heating up, stir it gently. In this way, the water gets into the grind and extracts all these aromas from it. Move the pot from the heat and let it sit a bit. As long as the grains float over the top, the coffee is still not ready. But when they sink to the bottom, it’s the right time to serve this hot beverage.

Brews for Each Taste

Besides traditional preparation, you can make a perfect cup of Colombian Huila coffee in a variety of ways. Which one you’ll opt for depends on the roast you have. It’s not rocket science, but you do need some skills. Just don’t want to waste great Arabica because of poor brewing.

The light roasts are suitable for mixed drinks, cappuccino, or espresso. Arabica generally has a sweetness that is great for mixing with milk or cream. Colombians usually drink light coffees during the day.

Dark roasts have a bit of metallic bitterness, with a whole bunch of under-tastes. You can use these to make a genuine Colombian morning drink – tinto. It’s simple to make, as it contains nothing but a fresh grind. You just have to boil water and pour it over grinds placed in a filter (or a piece of cheesecloth). The water will ‘flush’ the flavors right into the cup.

For a higher level of enjoyment, you can add spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and even a pinch of chili to your Colombian coffee. Very often, tinto is made with sugary water. Still, it’s not recommended to drink it during the day, but only in the morning. It will give you a burst of energy and a great kick to start your day.

Although there are those who think differently, most will agree that coffee is a fantastic beverage. People worldwide enjoy it regardless of their social or economic status, age, life circumstances, etc. Colombians made their coffee famous, and for many good reasons. So if you want a real taste of pleasure, you should try some of these blends.