How To Add Style To Your Outfit

You may already have a wardrobe full of clothes that are in season and on trend, but it’s styling these clothes that are most important to show off your body and give you that added confidence boost. Here’s how to add style to an outfit!

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Roll Up Shirt Sleeves

This is a useful trick for both the ladies and men who own shirts. Depending on the time of year or other pieces you’ve paired with the shirt, you could change up the vibe of the outfit by rolling up shirt sleeves. This gives a more relaxed feel to the outfit so if it’s just a casual day-to-day outfit that you require, then rolling up your shirt sleeves or any top with sleeves, in general, can change the look entirely.

Use Shirt Stays For Structure

For structure and to keep everything in place, shirt stays are a typical accessory for men to wear. However, they can also be adapted for ladies too if you’re going for a fitted style. Braces are another accessory to help style out a plain shirt, and they go well with most styles and patterns.

Add A Belt

A belt is a useful accessory especially for tightening a pair of jeans that may have become a little looser after many washes. However with fashion trends now, belts are becoming more versatile in their uses, and instead of just being something that was put around a trouser or jean, it can now be used to shape the waist over a dress or to create shapes by using multiple layers and throwing on a belt over the top.

Tuck It In

The French tuck that’s recently become popular by Queer Eye’s Tan France. However, tucking in your shirt has always been around, it’s just changing the way you tuck it that makes a difference. The French tuck as an example is where you slightly tuck in a portion of your shirt into your pants. It gives your look a more laid back feel, but it also makes you look a little taller and adds shape to your body.

Embrace The Jewelry

Jewelry comes in a variety of forms, but for many of us, we can often forget to wear it. By finding a few staple pieces that you can wear every day, it’ll add some levels to any outfit you wear and then perhaps investing in a few unique accessories to go towards the more glamorous events in your life. Don’t forget about wearing watches too, which have also become more of a fashion accessory now than they are for their traditional purpose of telling the time.

Even with a basic wardrobe, just a few minor tweaks can add some great style to any of your current outfits. Think about adding a belt to cinch the waist and add shape or tuck a shirt in with the French tuck method. Embrace jewelry and don’t forget to have confidence in what you’re wearing. That’s what really transforms an outfit!