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The Benefits of Leasing a Kia

There are many reasons why we can call Kia for lease a proposal of the year. Reliability, excellent maintenance, impressive fuel economy and a host of other benefits make Kia Motors Corporation models incredibly popular in New York. It is possible that you will want to buy one of the vehicles for your personal use, but leasing will be a great opportunity to try it out or get a more expensive car faster than you could afford a loan.

Most Popular Kia Models For Lease

The extensive lineup is one of the key advantages of Kia Motors as an automaker. Sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, vans, and SUVs regularly sweep Brooklyn and inspire with their up-to-date exterior and superior performance. However, both experienced lessees and beginners have their favorites, and we are pleased to present a small list or them to you:

  • Forte. Charming and cozy city sedan, comfortable both in operation and in parking. The obvious argument for leasing this car will be an incredibly favorable price; you can make a deal of a little more than $300 per month.
  • Soul. Classy and unusual hatchback with cubic proportions and large cargo space. Excellent driveability and transmission make it perfect for living in New York.
  • K5. Elegant mid-size sedan for elegant people! Thanks to impressive multimedia options and high-comfort interior, it proves it is worthy of both city trips and travel.
  • Stinger. This vehicle is often called enigmatic, and there’s the reason. Premium design interior combined with excellent technical characteristics makes it a leader in its class.
  • Sorento. This legendary SUV became one of the most famous Kia models many years ago, but today, it does not stand still either. With its striking performance and invincible practicality, it leaves no chances for you to resist.
  • Sedona. A big family requires a big vehicle, a Korean minivan will not let you doubt your choice for a second! Trustworthy appearance and ergonomic interior become what is needed for a comfortable life and for travel to your favorite places.

Why Lease a Kia at Grand Prix Motors

Leasing Kia, it’s important to know both which model you are taking and the best place to search for it. Hundreds of Grand Prix Motors customers, a reliable auto broker from Brooklyn, did not regret their decision for a second, and we will make sure that you join the club. The long list of our benefits includes:

  • low prices and profitable leasing deals;
  • possibility to lease Kia with zero down payment;
  • trade-in deal for all those who want to hand in the old car;
  • lease quotes online;
  • various programs from the manufacturer and favorable personal offers.

For affordable monthly payments, you get an auto that will please you daily without having to take care of many things, including repairs, residual value, or sales. Comfort, drive, great service, and benefit – Grand Prix Motors offers you maximum you can profit from your lease!